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A New Year

So, we were really quite lame and didn't go see the huge firework show downtown on New Year's Eve. You know what they call New Year's Eve here?


Totally makes you think of this, doesn't it?

Art's been told he looks like SS more than once. I'm not gonna lie...I see it a bit.

We were definitely planning on going, but I was hacking up a lung with a terri cough and it was already 31 degrees at 9:30 pm. (And, let's admit it...we were tired by 11:00.)

We definitely heard it though... and saw some of it outside our window. My friend that went last year said it sounds like a bomb raid from the top of the Schlossberg hill where they shoot them. They LOVE fireworks here. Everyone shoots them all over town. In that picture of a Graz Silvester above you can see how many fireworks are being shot off around the city...that photo was probably exposed for 4 seconds rather than a split second instant, but get the idea.

And what is the mass marketed item for Silvester? Pigs. They set up shops a week in advance filled with pig paraphernalia....stuffed, bobbled-headed, the size of a thimble so you can carry in your pockey...and even pastries shaped like piggaroos. A pig brings you viel Gl├╝ck (good luck). or probably not.

And not that you care about my plan for a better me, but I'm going to list my three resolutions here. I'll feel more accountable if it's on the internet.

Rezzies for Twenty Ten:

1. Eat more fruits & veggies

2. Cut out the Coke Zero for cryin' out loud
(I've been addicted to Diet, now Zero...for a good 5 years)

3. Learn more Deutsch on the double

And because my sister just posted this on facebook, I'll show you how we joined in on the Christmas morning gift exchange at my family's house:

Kinda felt like we were there. Looks like Art's trying real hard to see something...prob. because my big noggin's in the way. Ana's eyeballin' that last gift on the table.

Happy New Year peeps.

Thankful for...

- the chance to live in this great city

- my lovey husband (of almost 10 months)

- elsie*

- wood/laminate floors and for not buying any rugs yet (*see above)

- my big, wondey family
(some young lookin' 61 year old parents, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 1 sis-in-law, 2 bro-in-law, 2 nieces and a nephew)

(i'll miss the McConn Thanksgiving zoo excursion and Mom's newly updated, fab dining room)

- my new family (Art's parents...a mother-in-law that defies all stereotypes..I can honestly say I love talking to her!)

- Skype

- Christmas in Graz (pics to come's all set up and beauty!)

- an intensive German class that paid me!

- new friends i've met here

- old friends i'm missing back home

- Graz's 'milder' climate (than the rest of Austria..I couldn't handle colder)

- no traffic for the past 8 months!

- and much, much more that I don't have time to jot down as I'm thankful I get to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends here in a couple of hours!


Sunday Skypin'

Oh, how wondey it is to answer your skype to find this looking back at you:


And then I got a little dance from the duo..
{here, laughing at their momma comin' to dance her booty over too}


I also have great conversations with Ty Bozo. I told him to ask someone at home to
please groom his toupee.


Dinner at Rachel and Julian's, More Flowers and Sam the Smiliest

On Saturday night, we went out to Mariatrost, the suburbs of Graz, to have dinner with our British friends, Rachel and Julian. Rachel made a delicious dinner and a homemade cherry pie.

It's a 20 minute scenic tram ride out to their house. I love all the houses and woodwork on the balconies...

Yes, we are wearing jackets and scarves in late June.

There were a million big ole snails along the sidewalk.

And, I took more flower pics by our house because I think these hydrangea bushes are so wondey. I even did a quick snip and snatch and ran back to the house with some under my shirt. This was quite risky considering old ladies are known to watch out their windows on patrol of their trash cans and gardens (Art was busted crusted once by a an old woman with a moustache for throwing his beer bottles in her recycling bin.) I like to call these ladies "Helgas".

Flowers fo' me!

And last, but not least..
I got in a good skype session with Sam. I asked him who his favorite aunt was and he pointed to my picture on the screen. Yesss.

Skype Lives Up to the Hype

What did people do before the days of Internet? Especially people that moved so far away from friends and family. They mailed letters that took a week or more to arrive. And there's something to be said for a good, hand-written letter from a loved one. But, I have to say...not much can compete with skyping with my two nieces...both who fight over the computer chair to talk to "Aunt Coco"...until the pancakes are ready and then they scurry and leave me in cyberspace dust.

Ceci read me two books, one which she wrote, and showed me how she could write my name in bubble letters. Ana told me about the egg hunt they were making for Baby Sam, my nephew who I got to see walk on Skype last week, and also explained to me how I couldn't come because I was "in there" (as she pointed to the computer screen) and then, to my amazement, said to her mother, "Coco can't come because she's in Austria". It made my day.

If you have a skype name, e-mail it to me. I love to skype it up. I can also make $.02 a minute regular calls to the U.S. thru Skype!