Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frohe Ostern

I have an eye infection. Mein Auge totally tut weh. It started mid-evening yesterday just in time to ruin Easter and my Easter Monday off. Also just in time to occur when everything is closed for 2 days. A quick trip to the Krankenhaus (hospital) this morning for a visit with the rudest doctor on the market and I'm on the road to recovery. Oh, how we take our eyes...and Texas hospitality..for granted.

It's ok. It's not like we had grand plans anyways. Holidays are always a bit hard as an expat. Having a burning eyeball makes them harder.

It's not all bad, though. We did have a most glorious weather week.

I mean...what a difference a couple of months make:


That sky is not fake. I used to put fake skies that looked just like that one in our real estate photos at work (at my Houston job of course).

This is also Elsie's playground.

On the hunt for more bird feathers.

In case you think 2 or 3 months might also make a difference in the sanity, or lack thereof, of our hound, think again.

The bath watching continues...

and with ever greater vigor...

Hope you've had a great Easter weekend.


Kim Preston said...

Eeep! Hope your eye feels better soon!

BETH said...

Hope your eye is better! Happy belated Easter and will write soon. Miss you!

Rachel in Graz said...

Oh poor you! I am back & just about recovered from my Romanian experience . . .
Wet Sat but Elsie walks Sunday maybe?

Don said...

Yes, spending the holidays without family, even in Graz, can be a downer. The illness just brings it more into focus. Been there, done that (Bronchitis during new product launch).

But thank goodness for e-mail! Can you imagine only being able to correspond by post, and by (expensive) traditional phone?

jja said...

LOL great photos and the first one is - der hammer!

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