Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Fun

I told you she has energy.

Shyla's glorious cupcake stand

 Happy Connor

Royal Wedding watchers

Leee ist ein bisschen verruückt.

Shyla, Kim and their Pimm's

Kim's delicious teapot empire cookies

Made my first Victoria Sponge Cake

K had to be a princess too.

cute Shyla and Grant

Busted, Cecile.

cute Brit boys ready to head home with their flags

{thanks for the pics, Shyla}


Rachel, Herzogin von Heidelberg said...

Oh no, I've really got my work cut out to better that why did I not think of Pimms? Did you buy that in Austria? I don't think you can get that here, we are having champagne though ;p

Julie said...

Amazing! Everything looks so yummy!!

Cat said...

this looks so much fun and that cake! OMG! Looks like two big pancakes with something yummy in the middle! :)

Cathleya said...

Oh, this is TOO awesome. I wanted to have a royal party so bad but I was traveling! Loved living it through you :)

Lindsey Lenig said...

Sponge cake looks delish!!

Anonymous said...

wow... how festive! i am glad you were able to celebrate. now, about that cake...

Kimberly said...

Where was your hat?!? Xoxo

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