Friday, July 29, 2011

Moments of Delight

Just some perks from my week.  It's been raining and dreary (and one day so cold I was wearing a fleece and wool pashmina) and my moods are definitely affected by the weather.

Rain doesn't have to put a damper on the whole week, though.

I was skyping with my sister when my nieces came in dressed in their matching Mexican dresses singing "La Cucaracha".  It was quite the show:

I have also learned in the past couple of weeks we will be blessed with a new nephew and a new niece in November! (from different siblings, not twins.)

Finding a new delicious Spanish tapas restaurant with Shyla and Lee: 

Bringing home some pastries on a Sunday morning. 
Left to right: a honey & cinnamon drizzled puff, a Himbeer-Joghurt Stangerl (Raspberry & Yogurt Cream in a sweet brioche-type pocket) and my fave: Schoko Croissant.  

I picked these two weeks ago!  Ok, so this picture was about a week ago, but they are still holding pretty strong:

Since I've cut milk (not all dairy like cheese...impossy) out of my diet for skin purposes, I've had to substitute the summer gelato with some greek yogurt mixed with honey and cinnamon.  If I make it look pretty, I feel like it's more of a real dessert:

Seeing a great spread about Heidelberg in Lonny Magazine:

And getting the hang of designing in the Thesis template in Wordpress.  You peeps have no idea how much time can be spent figuring out how to code one dang small detail.  It's a good feeling to click refresh and see the fruits of your labor live and well on screen:

Tschüß und Schönes Wochenende!


Amy said...

I'm so glad we could bring some happiness to your morning. I just showed Ceci your post, and she was like, "OMG, I am so embarrassed!" They did put on quite the show. Can you send some of your cooler weather this direction? It is still hot as heck here!!!

Cathy McConn said...

Love that pic of Amy and the girls. I wanted it to play for me so I could hear them sing! And lovin' that blog A Touch of Happiness. Great colors and simple. As always.

jim mcconn said...

great post. dad.

Rachel, unemployed in Heidelberg said...

I love your cheery things I have been trying to do that each month too, & things are not great right now & it's not just the weather which is also rubbish here! I totally want to hit that tapas place when I come this Winter & I think Elsie gets cuter every day! Oh & that spread of Heidelberg is true & if I won the lottery/married a millionaire I would definately want a stay in the hotel that has that exact view it's amazing!

The Rigoloso's said...

I pretty much want that croissant right now. And the cool weather, bring it. Hydrangeas are my fav. Also, I am now humming the tune to La Cucaracha. And coding html? You know how I feel about this... you are pretty much a hero in my book.

Congrats on the new babes. I am sure they will be wondey.

Juliette said...

ooh, i missed that Lonny issue, have to check it out. and Skype...yes, i love watching my nieces' antics as well. Cracks me up that you got a full blown show! Skype makes living far away so much easier, doesn't it?

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