Monday, June 22, 2009

Dinner at Rachel and Julian's, More Flowers and Sam the Smiliest

On Saturday night, we went out to Mariatrost, the suburbs of Graz, to have dinner with our British friends, Rachel and Julian. Rachel made a delicious dinner and a homemade cherry pie.

It's a 20 minute scenic tram ride out to their house. I love all the houses and woodwork on the balconies...

Yes, we are wearing jackets and scarves in late June.

There were a million big ole snails along the sidewalk.

And, I took more flower pics by our house because I think these hydrangea bushes are so wondey. I even did a quick snip and snatch and ran back to the house with some under my shirt. This was quite risky considering old ladies are known to watch out their windows on patrol of their trash cans and gardens (Art was busted crusted once by a an old woman with a moustache for throwing his beer bottles in her recycling bin.) I like to call these ladies "Helgas".

Flowers fo' me!

And last, but not least..
I got in a good skype session with Sam. I asked him who his favorite aunt was and he pointed to my picture on the screen. Yesss.


Amy said...

i love the hydrangea bushes... how beauty! i would be stealing some too. um, i must have a little chat with baby sam when he comes to visit next weekend... after a few little trinkets, i am sure he will change his mind about his favorite aunty!

brookes said...

those are incredible pics!! i'd be stealing all the time!!!

melissa said...

I posted yesterday but it did not come up. I wanted you to know I found Bruno and I am glad you did not get his front side. I also want you to keep picking those hydrangeas because they are very beauty! And who is your favorite Auntie?

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