Saturday, June 27, 2009

European Cheesy Poofs

So, Art and I have discovered a tasty new snack. Contrary to Sarah's beliefs, I rarely had my childtime favorite, Cheeto Puffs, in the last decade, but I sure did love me some growing up. In Austria, they only have plain potato chips and Paprika flavored, which tastes almost exactly like BBQ. Then they have Snips, or Flips depending on which store you get them. Snips are puffed peanuts. (Erdnuss = Peanuts) I don't think they are actual peanuts, but corn chips puffed with peanut oil and peanut flavoring. They are quite delicious...and let's just let me think they are healthier than Cheetos too. Instead of Chester the Cheetah, we got Crusti Croc. And yes, they leave a nice peanutty, beige film on your fingers.


Beth said...


Amy said...

not sure how i would feel about my chip mascot being named "crusti croc", but at least they are tasty.

1richtungsblog said...

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you for your message! I am glad you found my blog. How do you keep up? I will be following your blog and maybe we can meet up in Graz once.
xo Anita

brookes said...

i'm loving the food updates!!!

Emily said...

Hi Carolyn! I'm following your blog now because last night at the girls dinner, Ashley mentioned a really funny video of you trying to play off the fact that you were videoing a guy on the train! Going to look for it now! :)

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