Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homesick? Need Help?

Might I offer you some tips on how to ease your Heimweh:

Go to your nearest grocery and grab yourself a bottle and some Snickers Ice Cream Bars.  I mean, Snickers themselves are ok, but Snickers Ice Cream Bars...heavenly.

Have one of these around.  (Husband is good too since he can actually talk to you and hug you up.) Elsie helps with homesickness in a dual fashion.  First, that sweet dang face and personality.  Second, you see that plastic coke bottle on the floor next to her bear?  Yeah, she kicks and chases that thing around the floor making the loudest noise from hell that you can't be homesick...just deaf and annoyed.

Eat well.  Not that this reminds me of home because I didn't cook until I moved here, but this dish I make often (and put on rice) cause it's quick and tasty does cheer me up.  It ain't no fried chicken steak or bowl of queso, but let's not overdo it, k?  We already had two Snickies. (Art had four.)


Monica said...

That recipe looks delish- definitely going to try it!

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

umm. . . snickers ice cream bars are MY FAVORITE!!!!! :-) Umm. . . like I could seriously have 1 a day (or two)!

Cathy McConn said...

Art had FOUR!! Of course, he did. It all looks delish. But I'm not sure the coke noise would ease my homesickness. An old-fashioned bone is quieter and take longer to destroy. For Ty, that would be 15 minutes.

Sara said...

Making me hungry, that dish looks yummy! Glad you have a few things to help tide you over :) Elsie is adorable... making me miss my two cats, Sven and Turkey. It's official, moving to New Zealand, though the cats have been in San Francisco for the past month, we hope to be reunited with them by March 20, and then wait out the quarantine period. Did you have any travels with Elsie like that? Was Austria particular on importing?

Don said...

I'm sorry you're feeling like that, but I do know how your feel. I've felt like that in the same beautiful city. When that happened to me, I'd dig into our stash of Kraft Mac & Cheese, and pop in a videotape of an American TV show. Does the Kino Royale still show movies in their original language? Once we went there, and got so into the movie that we forgot where we were. When we opened that side door, we were shocked to find Graz was outside! You're on the right track, though. Make some comfort food, snuggle up with a warm dog or good husband (or vice versa), and it will pass.

Kim aus Kanada said...

Oh my goodness, I think that face would cure anything for me! She is so darn cute!!!

Juliette said...

can I add fries from McDonald's? I never went to McD's in the US, but I seem to find myself getting fries here about once a month, it's terrible...yet comforting!

Cat said...

this all sounds good to me....about to be homesick, so i'll save this and try it up when i'm missing my fam once we are all moved in.

Rachel in glorious Spring-like Heidelberg! said...

You have tv now? Is that a lack or hemnes coffee table I see in your living room? IKEA should SO pay me for all the free advertising they are getting since I learnt their catalogue off by heart oh I had an epic trip there the other week: missed tram, S-Bahn, bus, then driver of *direct* bus insisted I change!?! Result? took me TWO hours instead of 1 but I got a load of stuff, almost more than I could carry :p Sorry you are homesick :( Move to Germany or UK, much more civilised ;p Oh did Art ever have to write a formal PhD proposal?? I have to do one by the end of the month (probably) & feeling v. out of my depth :s

cherisong said...

Just found your blog and I am looking to move to Austria from UK at some point this year so I will read with interest. Loving your cocker spaniel. I have a dane but have had two spaniels. Sorry you are feeling home sick but I guess that comes with the territory. I live in Wales and only 120 miles away from family but I still get homesick sometimes.

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