Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Surely Summer

Well, sorta easy.  I'm busy, busy with blogs, but I did take a 4 hour (yes, we sat there for 4 hours!) coffee break with my friends this morning/afternoon.

I had to hide my white skeen from the harsh, hot sun.. "Let me in the middle!  I sunburn!"  (I really like this excuse for getting the middle spot!).  A lot of ladies were getting insta-tans while I felt smoke coming off the back of my arms. 
let's try this (starting at left going clockwise): 
Sylvia (Austria), Kim (Canada), Carla (Argentina), Lee (Australia), Katelyn (Virginia), Olga (Serbia/Boston),  Wendy (San Diego), Me, Marion (Austria)

Always fun with the girls.  They were appalled I hadn't made July 4th celebration plans.  
They nominated me planner of a July 4th lunch at the Harley Davidson store restaurant.  Apparently, they have the best steaks and hamburgers.  Ha.  You do what ya gotta do.


The Rigoloso's said...

I love the diversity of the group. Wish I were sitting there with you. Harley Davidson, huh? Ha. Email coming your way soon. :)

Lindsey Lenig said...

So fun!! And your glowing white skin is beauty!!

Cat said...

looks like so much fun! y'all all look so pretty! Have fun on the 4th!!!

Kim aus Kanada said...

It WAS lovely coffee break, wasn't it? Hee-hee, "appalled" is a strong term. Was it that obvious? :-D We could always go to McD's...or Burger King instead! And I've heard that the Hooters here actually does have good North American-style food. Not a fab of the chain obviously but, as you said, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Looking forward to the lunch invite (I am getting an invite, aren't I?).

Anonymous said...

I love this youthful and diverse face of IWA!!!

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