Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vienna at a Glance

We took Art's mama to Vienna last week. Can you believe it was his first time too?

So muscley, that groin region.

So groovy, those lights in an old, beautiful church.

So cheesy, that antiquey effect.

So leetle, those people.

So good.

So rooty, my hair.
(I mean, that is downright does not look that bad in real life..i hope.)

So gilded, this city.

So long, Wien.

And so long, M.  We loved having you here.

Who now will stand afar and take pics of our important life events?

:) xoxo


Cat said...

ha! i love it, that last pic. in all seriousness, beautiful place and so cool that you got to visit.

Amy said...

love those pics. um, those highlights are horrendy... but i don't think you look like that in real life. time to go to the hairdresser.

Juliette said...

that last pic is hilarious! btw- I think the bush behind Art in the b/w shot makes his hair look a tad more shocking than any root issue you might have, lol.

The Rigoloso's said...

Loved this! And I now want that dessert, whatever it was.

Lindsey Lenig said...

Roots terri, but pics good.

Molly said...

takes me back to last summer and makes me a little sad! loving the cheesy antique photo and i know you love it too

Erin said...

Dying laughing at Juliette's comment. Nice Krusty the Klown coif.

Rachel, first draft down said...

I love the fact that Art ist standing in front of a bush in the b/w pic makes it look like he has long hair :p

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