Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 { almost 5 months }

Don't adjust your pants are actually glowing bright. So, I said I wasn't gonna update you with bump chunk pics, but here I am.   I've grown a lot in the past several weeks and I've been feeling great minus the occasional aches and growing pains.  I must be feeling good to be plastering my preggie bod on the internet.  This thing they say about pregnant women (especially in the second trimester) is true.  When I was first pregnant and feeling nauseous and terrible, I thought "who are these bimbos that say they love pregnancy?".  Now I'm one of the bimbos!  I don't know if the spring flowers and sun are helping...whether finding a new city and apartment has boosted my endorphins and excitement or what, but I just feel happy and content. 

Alexander continues to move around at his scheduled times of the day and I'm still loving that too.  I'm ready for it to be hard enough (and frequent enough), so that Art can feel it.  When I try to show Art, it stops, of course. Poor Art can't experience this the same way as me, although I think he's ok with that for now. :)

I'm feeling the nesting thing as well.  I'm always kind of feeling that my whole life, but it's kicked into high gear having my first baby AND moving to a new place (with practically nothing). 

Been picking up things here and there as keepsakes of Graz for his nursery.  Found this cute hand-carved bear and cub at the Easter market last week.  He fits in like a puzzle.

Saw this poster for a play here in Graz this month and liked that it said "Alexander's Place" and Graz and had a hand-drawn (not to scale or actual) map of the city.  Thought it would be cool to color in some of it and frame it for the nursery.  I want to try to have things in there that we've 'found' for him.  Not just cruddy knick knacks. 

So, that's my update.  Thanks for all your nice comments about our move.  We'll really miss it here, so gotta go out and enjoy it while we can.  Like, that means go get some ice cream.... now.


Amy said...

Awesome post! So glad you are feeling good. Love the bump pic and the hot pink pants. Also, that bear cub puzzy is the cutest thing ever.

Lindsey Lenig said...

Love the bear and the bump!! Big changes best keep bloggin' it up.

Karen said...

I'm so happy for you Carolyn! :) Love how you're bringing a piece of Graz back to the America! - Karen

Erin said...

Love this post. Love that bear, so sweet. Baby Alex is a lucky kid, glad he's enjoying your belly :)

Katrin said...

Those pants are awesome! You look very pretty in them! Do they do it for non pregrant women as well?

Juliette said...

the bear is PRECIOUS and I love that map! Also, you are so brave in those pants and I gotta say, you wear them well!

Elizabeth said...

I love filling rooms and homes with memories of "findings"! It almost feels like being a collector... with a collection that never stops growing as long as we keep living! I agree that "finding" stuff for him is probably the best way to start chronicling his life that ever so cooly... will start in Graz!

Cat said...

I just got caught up on your blog and lots has happened since I last read! So happy for y'all that you've found a city AND a new home! Talk about culture shock! It's going to be different, but it sounds like you will ease back into it just fine. ;) Love the name. Beautiful...and sounds a little southern. ha ha. And, that map poster is too cool. I love stuff like that when it has such meaning. But, I must can NOT quit blogging! No! Just let this blog be of your time in Graz and start a new one of your life with baby! :) it'd be the perfect way to keep up with his milestones and adventures. Go to and make Life in Graz into a book for your coffee table. If I had the time, I'd do it for you. ;) have a great week, cat

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Anonymous said...

Hello Carolyn,

My husband and I will move to Graz starting with 1st of May, so I've been searching some info about it on the web and found your lovely blog. I didn't go through all your entries yet, but I will definitely do that. Congrats for the baby! :) We're planning that also.
I was hoping to get a job there, considering I speak English and French, but after reading your entry about jobs, I kind of have second thoughts. I would like to take a German class, as you did. Could you please give me the address or a web site from the place you took the classes?
My email is
Thanks for writing this blog!


Julie said...

OMG...I drop out of the blog world for a while and come back to a pregnant YOU! So exciting!! Another Tex-Mex lovin' kiddo in the world...who can beat that??! All the very best for your move to Pennsylvania. When are ya'll heading out? Warm wishes from Würzburg, Julie

molly R said...

That bear and baby bear is too perfect. I love that you are finding things for this sweet boy.

You will be an excellent mama, Carolyn. So very, very happy for you and your growing family.


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