Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Here & There

Our Easter was pretty uneventful...just nice and relaxing...and COLD. It snowed Easter morning! 

After Mass, we went and had lunch (where we had some fine window flowers) and then took a long stroll through town and the park.

My family back home in Texas had a bigger, sunnier celebration:

The Easter egg in his crate: Evan...cutie

Sam's egg huntin' and growing so fast I can hardly take it.  That's a bit of a sad hiding spot for the egg.

 Chris, Lindsay and pretty-in-pink Quinn

 My mama and my sisters
Coco's comin', girls!

Easter Beauties: Lindsay, Erin, Ceci and Ana
(and baby girl in Erin's tummy)

 the jungle "Jim" uncle we love

There was more than just Easter to celebrate yesterday.  It was my parents 40th anniversary.  40 years these little luvas have been trotting around together.  They are role models to all of us. 

 They even renewed their vows.  I wish we could have been there.

The gang.

 Pretty anniversary flowers.  These are actually from the kiddos.  Mama loves 'em.

It was also my brother's 25th birthday...he was born on their 15th anniversary.  Happy Birthday, Andy.  Oh, and Happy Birthday, Aunt Melissa!  April 8th is out of control in this fam.

Thanks for letting me share my fam and celebrations with you...hope your Easter was wondey, too!


Erin said...

Missed you guys, see you oh-so-soon!

Molly said...

Agreed with Ery's comment. You were not forgotten as y'alls move to Pittsburgh was a popular topic of conversation all day long.

Kim aus Kanada said...

Our Easter was quiet too. We were recovering from walking a million miles in Italy. :-) How is it that I missed the snow? I swear, didn't see a single snowflake! It WAS cold though!
Wonderful pics of your family. It IS too bad that you weren't there. You need to be photoshopped into that fantastic group shot! Looking forward to seeing pics of the next family celebration with you, Art and Alexander (and Elsie, do dogs get to be in your family photos?) right there in the middle! Thanksgiving, Christmas? Have you planned it already? :-)

Kim aus Kanada said...

Oh yes, almost forgot to don't need to worry about yams or whatever magic potion Lee wants you to use on your skin. Look at your beautiful Mama! You got GREAT genes and you can look forward to looking young forever!

Kimberly said...

I have a friend moving to Pitts. Hook yall up if you want!

Rachel in Heidelberg said...

We had sleet on Easter Monday here - it was colder than Christmas! Wow what a handsome pair your parents made on their wedding day - you can see where you get your looks from ;p How far is Pitts from home? Hopefully you'll be able to see more of your family then, sure they'll all be flocking to Pitts once Alexander is born :)

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