Friday, July 20, 2012

1 More Month

Due date is August 20th, so today marks one month.
And, here it is.  The belly.  It looks even bigger in person. 
I'm hurtin'.  I have some pulled muscle on my inner thigh and it really hurts to walk, which is fun.   Sleeping is not the greatest, but not horrible...yet.  I wouldn't mind a week early arrival, but I'm guessing it could be more like a week late.

We started 'Preparing for Childbirth' classes this week (mostly to meet other expectant couples) and I was the only one to laugh during the video where the wife is in a compromising position and the husband is behind her (on her hospital bed on his knees) rubbing her back profusely and really just getting in the way.

A middle-aged guy at Home Depot asked if I was having a boy.  Because 'you're carrying high'.  Then his friend pointed to his gut and said "he's having a boy too".  He's the third person to ask that...nobody's guessed girl....maybe there's something to this 'the way you're carrying' business.

I found a book of baby/kid photos of Art his mom gave me when I was in Houston and I was glad because I wanted to see what he looked like as a babe.

He was cute.

Apparently he found a way to climb out of his crib at a really young age and they never found out how.
(He was a good rock climber later in life.  I was not.  I probably never even tried to scale those bars...just sat back with a bottle admiring my crib linens.)

As his hair grew, he got those wondey curls I love.

I was one of those babies that looks nothing like my adult self.
 Serious hair.  Serious chunk of a newborn.

I loved that doll and koala.

So, we'll see what Alexander has picked from the gene pool.

I am workin' on the nursery...and loving doing it.
A tiny little preview:

(and, it most likely won't be as good as my sister's so lower your expectations please.  danke.)


Erin said...

Oh i love your old school photo posts. Can't wait to see who the little mister takes after more. Either way he'll be a cutie :)

Kim aus Kanada said...

Love the old photos. Both of you were cutie-pies! Didn't realize how much you look like your Mama until I saw the pic of her with long hair and you in her arms. And that Fisher-Price activity board on the side of Art's crib...yup, had one of those! Can't wait to see the rest of Alexander's nursery. I'm sure it will be wondey with your special touch. Tick tock, tick tock!

molly b. said...

"I probably sat back admiring my crib linens."

You are a riot! I hope this next month is a happy & healthy one.

Anonymous said...

I hope Alexander wants to come out sooner then later... You guys were very cute babies...I have a feeling that the baby will be a little copy of Art :-) Take care Carolyn! Monika from D.

Monica said...

Ooh, I can't believe that you're 1 month away! I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way, and hoping that you don't have to be in a compromising position on the birthing table for too long!!

Post more nursery pics soon!

Kristen said...

Those McConn genes are pretty strong, but the babies always look like mini versions of the Dads! We'll see baby Alexander!

Kristen said...

And Alexander will be admiring his Woolly Mammoth/Sheep-furbomb stroller blankie that Auntie Kristen bought him! Still want one for myself :)

Sarah said...

I love the fabric!!

Sarah said...

you look fab! my mom's birthday is the 20th and she's a very good egg.

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