Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holland's May Carpet

We had a student teacher from the Netherlands in class on Monday and I was talking to her (or trying to in German) about how much I loved visiting Holland (on a summer college trip) and going to the flower auctions. Holland is known for its gorgeous of my favey blooms. I did a little searching on the subject and look at the beauty I discovered:

{Must have been some serious April showers for these May flowers...}



This is in May in northern Nethey during the tulip peak. More than 3 billion tulips are grown each year and
2/3 of these are exported...mostly to the U.S. Take note boys : Tulips Are Always a Good Choice.

And you too can have this in your own home courtesy of Ikea:
I wonder if this was their inspiration? Sweden ain't too far from ole Holly.

{Photos from this article}


Kimberly said...

Loved the rug inspiration! Very clever Carolyn!! I have never seen anything like those tulips. Wowza.

Maria Killam said...

Wow those are fantastic photos! I have never seen Holland from that perspective, thanks!

juliette said...

love the pix! we are totally dreaming of going to the Netherlands over part of our Easter vacay next year. It's supposed to be the best time to see the tulips...sigh.

Amy said...

oh wow... that is beautiful! makes me want to go to holland! you and art must go next spring.

VictoriaArt said...

The are indeed remarkable! So colorful and happy!
I am thinking of the incredible labor to plant them and cut them. We have so many flowers from Holland all over the world and they are not so expensive....
I love the comparison with the carpet, great!
Have a lovely weekend!
I did something like it in my post 'match points', a few days ago!
Come and see!


melissa said...
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melissa said...
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melissa said...

I know you did this for me so I could be dreaming of tulips all over my house.

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