Monday, April 30, 2012

Nursery Time

I can't really do much about the nursery while I'm here.  You think I'm itching to?  Yeah.  So, I've been gathering inspiration.  Maybe too much.  My head's about to blow off and explode with bunting, painted letters, stripes, gliders and poufs.

I definitely have a more modern themes or anything too sweet.  I've decided that I like either soft and neutral or a white base with lots of bright color...and I think white with bright has won out.

I came across this and my belly bounced.  Probably because it's on trend with the neon, but it's fun and different and pleases my soul.


Some of these sort of have the Scandinavian look...maybe Europe has influenced me.  Probably just decor blogs, though.



not nurseries, but still white and bright.

This one's more neutral and soothing and I really like it too.  Simple and pretty. Maybe I'll want more of a space that calms my nerves...and Alexander's.

and this...but maybe more for a girl

 So, what to do when you need to avoid going through stuff, getting rid of things and packing for an international move?  Why, make a digi-nursery, of course!

ok, so maybe I've done two versions.
(Sundays are slow around here.)

These are way harder than they look.  Not sure I achieved the same look as my inspiration photos, but I want it to feel cozy too and not too bright and sterile.  Will I actually do the nursery just like this?  Probably not.  Will I have tons to spend?  No.  But, I still want to get into it and do something special...this is my first baby, now.  I just need to be in Pittsburgh with Target, Ikea, etsy, Urban Outfitters and the actual room.  I've got two months once we get there. 

Wish me luck!


Juliette said...

I think these look great! Will you continue blogging after Graz? I hope so!

Monica said...

Great nursery ideas! And I agree with Juliette, we'll need to see the finished product once you arrive :-)

Don Sislbe said...

Great ideas! Life in Graz will affect your tastes for the rest of your lives. Our interior decorating tastes changed dramatically after our expat stay there. It is only natural. Best of luck with the big move!

Erin said...

you know i'm loving those nurseries - they will be making an appearance on pinterest. Can't wait to have you back with your bundle of boy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol.....I Love those nurseries stuff, and I´m so glad i found your blog, help me alot starting my new life here in Graz, I´m thinking of having you design my blog as well. :)

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