Monday, June 11, 2012

Fam & Pitt

I stole these pics from my sister, Molly, cause I didn't take any while my family was here.  They left last week and this week has been filled with getting electricity, hot water, internet, some know, all the fun stuff.  Art's already gone to work and I've tried out the bus system (uh, nein).  You can walk here in some parts, but not get around predominantly that way.

It was so fun to see my parents and my sister and have them here when we arrived. 
Perked at Target. (My enthusiasm has waned by now...I've been 6 times already for necessities.)

In front of the Cathedral of Learning

 The Austrian Room!

 Beautiful Lobby

Wondey flamingos at The National Aviary.
With my sis overlookin' Pitt.

The whole fam at a restaurant at the top of the Incline that overlooks the city.  Art and I just drove across the bridge at night yesterday...real pretty! 
(That mustard and ice tea on the table are exciting.)

It won't be long 'til I greet them again in Houston in July.  Hopefully I can get some stuff done around here before I go!


molly said...

Haha! The mustard and tea comment cracked me up. So fancy of you.

ps... you look beautiful, friend.

Cat said...

YAY for family and moving and Pitt! You look so refreshed considering how off you are due to time change! You look great. Good luck in your new home. Blessings, cat

Juliette said...

Sick of Target already? Sounds like you're taking the adjustment well! =D

Kim aus Kanada said...

Great pics! The Austrian Room? Hahahaha!!! Looks pretty authentic for a Schloss but a bit overdone for a normal dining room. Where's the corner bankette in massiv Holz? The lobby of the Cathedral of Learning is gorgeous! As is your sister's beige dress at the Incline restaurant. Lovin' it! The view is fantastic too. Can't wait to go there when I come visit (unless of course you meet me at the Outlet all. That offer is still valid too!). Where's Elsie??? Don't tell me dogs aren't allowed on campus! Miss you but glad to see your smiling face with your family!

Kim aus Kanada said...

Ah, that would be Outlet Mall, not all. That is all.

Tracy from Kentucky said...

Even though we met only briefly at the last IWA coffee at the Purberg it was a delight to finally meet the "blog lady". I meant to tell you that if you enjoy architecture you must make a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater which is only an hour and a half from Pitt. Also the Ohiopyle State Park area near there is really lovely too. Enjoy your new home!
P.S. Where can I buy a onesie lederhosen in Graz?!? My brother is expecting a boy in August...

Carolyn said...

Hi Tracy,

If you check this, my friend got the lederhosen onesie off and it was made in Wisconsin! Go there and search for one. They are too cute! It was so nice to meet you too!

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