Monday, June 25, 2012

Some things I'm getting used to

- my change doesn't amount to much (and is so light)
- clothing (more sporty clothes) flip flops everywhere, workout shorts, running shoes
- amount of overweight/obese people
- portion sizes
- amount of processed/prepared foods at grocery (a lot that I am admittedly happy to see)
- most food products come with a resealable zipper!  (or some sort of convenience feature)
- general shopping - selection, amount of STUFF - it's truly one of the biggest shocks and it's overwhelming.  I've heard stories of people crying at Target. 
- ice water at restaurants
- commercials - tv in restaurants
- eavesdropping - hearing convos
- coffee options (Starbucks has made people so picky about their coffee)
- very friendly people
- disposable everything - put everything in a paper or plastic bag - wrap it in some more paper - lots of trash...too many receipts
- grocery store - bagging for you - I feel I must help
- loud talkers
- TV is terri (flipping through at the gym...I did settle on Wheel of Fortune..lovin' that)
- miles and inches! lovin' you.
- radio gets on my nerves more easily (prob. bc I haven't listened to it in 3 years bc I didn't drive)
- iPhones everywhere
- no tram - can't easily walk - bus system kinda cruddy
- sports mania and paraphernalia
- pretty old style American homes with pretty yards...all unique with cute porches
- no easy system for recycling

Art's junk pick.

Mine.  Hello Peppy Farm.

And, that's it for now.  There's more.  I feel myself starting to get mostly adjusted.  I think Art adjusted after 8 hours.  He's had about 836 Philly cheesesteaks.  I forgot how hard and weird it is to be living in a new place where you know no one and don't have a life there yet.  We're getting there.  The heat is gone (for now) and I'm getting caught up on work and getting our home set up before I go to Houston next week!

Oh, and the belly is kickin'.  Literally.  Any slight incline and I'm winded.  And Pitt is hilly.  Have you seen the steps to my house?  Yikes. 

Elsie's doin' good too.  There's a grazing bunny in our backyard every morning that she rips my arm out of socket over.  She loves all the easy access to everyone's yards and she's likin' her new summer haircut:

She did not, however, appreciate the 9-hour flight and crate lockdown.  When we went to pick her up in baggage her whole crate was shaking back and forth and the guy next to it goes "washing machine?".

Right now I'm at Starbucks (I just asked for a tall iced coffee...and I think it made her uncomfortable that there weren't 8 adjectives before it) and I'm doing some work and waiting on the arrival of my newest niece in Austin!  Any hour now.  Her darling nursery by my talented sis to be debuted soon!
Tschüß or shall I say...later! 
Don't think I haven't said 'danke' to quite a few peeps.


molly b. said...

Oh, Carolyn, how I've missed you. Your list had me laughing and I feel like I relate to much of it.

And yay for belly kicks! What a cool thing.

molly (your friend, not your sister... although I am sure your sister is also your friend... you know what I mean)

Kim aus Kanada said...

I have more comments but I had to share Connor and Paul's reaction to the picture of Elsie: "What happened???" ;-)

Cat said...

awww! I loved reading this. I'll bet it's such a shock! i've wanted to write you so many times to see how you're doing, but didn't want to bother you b/c I know you're so busy. Great to hear how things are going. Can't wait to see YOUR nursery reveal!

L Clare said...

Welcome to the Burgh.

jja said...

Well reading this I am happy to be in Europe ;-) in a restaurant?
Sport shorts everywhere?
And yes loud talkers is what would distrub me the most.
Americans are very talkative but also very loud (visiting my city as a touristic place all the time) and this is no go in a public trasportation.
But I thinks I would love the sportsmania and the nice old hosues.
All the best for your familiy, baby and the cuttes Elsie.
I will probably have to transport my cat in a plane with equaly long flight hourse, do they get something to calm down or just have a mental breakdown not knowing what is going on?
I am afraid of this...

Sneaker Teacher said...

When we moved back from Germany I remember thinking how HUGE the cars are here in the US! I think I still recycle many things that we're not supposed to here. And, I don't know how I lived without Target!!!

Julie said...

This post cracked me up! True all of it! Have you gotten any good Philly-Mex?? Enjoy your time in beautiful I miss that city...Julie

Jennifer Casey said...

Peppy farm, that cracked me up! I just remember your mom Always having Milano cookies in the pantry. Hope you all are settling in nicely : )

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