Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We arrived safe and sound in Pittsburgh and already had a great 3 days with my parents and sister getting familiar with our new city.

All I've got to show for it for now is this.  

Oh, Mac, I've missed you.
You too, Molly.


Juliette said...

less than 30 days till I get to see Mac too - he's amazing, right? ;-) Glad you had a welcome committee!

molly said...

Welcome back, friend!

That mac looks amazing, ps.

Rachel in Heidelberg said...

What IS that you're eating?!

Erin said...

Whatever you're eating looks nom (as moll would say). Can't wait to visit you, art, Elsie and babiest Alexander!

melissa said...

I am so glad you are back and sorry I never went to visit you. Looking forward to seeing you next month.

Molly said...

I want more o' that mac. Had so much fun being with your funny self! See you in a month luva

Kim aus Kanada said...

Ha! That's basically the same message that I sent around to the Ratpack with the same fab pic! :-D Glad you made it there here safely and are having fun eating that but wish you were here here! :-)

Maggy said...

Very cool! I just found your blog from Molly (Rigoloso)...my sister is ALSO Molly, so this could get confusing. I'm so intrigued by your blog, my husband and I are en route to moving to the Middle East and I love finding other blogs with a similar story. Have a lovely weekend!

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