Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow, Sun, a Baby & Spring Fashion Fun

 Graz today: the first snow of the season

Welcome to the Graz Weather Channel.  That's all I seem to talk about on here these days.  The winter doldrums really get to me, though, esp. come late January and February.  We had our first snow this morning, which was actually pretty since it was accompanied with some bright sunshine.

Oh, and yes, I'm having a baby!  Thanks for all your kind comments and well wishes.  He or she is due in August. 
  Would you like to see a German tinkle stick?

This means we will probably be moving back to the States (we're not sure where yet) within a month or two of having our first child.  Hey, we like to shove it all in at once.  Get married, honeymoon, move to Graz three weeks later.  Moving back?  Let's be 8 months pregnant around that time to ease things along!

No, we are thrilled.  (My stomach isn't and it's trying to take me down with it, but I won't let it.  This nausea business is not my idea of fun, happy preggie time.) (Ok, so I am letting it get the best of me at least 3 times a day when I complain.)

So, to enjoy the sun, sprinkling of snow and to get some much needed walking in, I went to get some color therapy at the stores this morning.  I haven't been shopping in months and have been sporting black leggings (was again today) and some sort of long, dreary top for about 2 months now.  It starts to get old and make you feel like a dumptruck.  (Throw in an expanding waistline and you're screwed.)

I like the red family.  Coral, pink, red, orange....come to mama.

Fun and bright and pretty good quality for an H&M trench, but not loving it.

Had to go up a size (grr), but this was my only purchase.  Best quality?  Nein.  Fun to throw on over jeans and a white top (my spring staple) for some pink polish? Sure.

Some other fun spring items I spotted on

love it

I saw this on Pinterest almost a year ago and loved it.
Now I might (if it's a girl) have a reason to get it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hi and Recent Work

Happy New Year!  Took an extended blogging break there.   REAL ready for the winter to be over.  We haven't had any snow this winter, but I'm not complaining.  Ready for flowers, sandals, short sleeves and nausea-free days.

Some recent work: