Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry, Merry


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

{Loving my new puff jacket...I finally got one and feel like I fit in over, they are much warmer than my peacoats}

 I'm back home.  Or am I back from being home?  Being back 'home' made me realize how much Graz really has become home.  Catch that, homey?

I fit in so many visits, so much food in my expanded belly and I was wiped (in a good way) when it was time to return. Not enough photos were taken because my blog mind doesn't really exist when I'm back home.  I revert to my pre-blogger (PB) self. 
Day 2...a baby shower for a friend since elementary school.

Friends since 1st grade here, folks.  I don't know why Rachael is a head taller than all of us...not so in real life. 
PhotobucketGraz amidst bling cowboy boots and peppy cheerleader. 

Pops on a pallet.  I had to get a pic.  (Mind you it was probably not that cold outside but these wimps think it's bitter frosty.)

I got to be around Sam (my nephew) for a good 5 entertaining, darndest cute days.  He's grown so much since I last saw him.

And here's Ana and Ceci...first night with my birthday cupcakes....

...and Ana's birthday party at the roller rink. 

a night out with sisters, mom, aunt, grandmother and cousin.  Yummy beef medallions in my mouth.

I have never seen my sister cheer since I have been gone her senior year. (and entire junior year..yikes!)  Luckily, our high school was in the State playoffs, so extra pep rallys were had and I got to go and relive high school days and watch my baby sister cheer it up.

Mimi (mom) was there too.  She is that stick figure (yes, she's had seven children) on the right.

Had a blind blogger date with Christi (on the right) and our mutual friend, Annie. Christi, notice how we're both in our grey and white neutrals... ha!

Shopping with Sam and sisters.

Lunch with my girlfriends from my old job.

And, that's all I got for now.  There was a lot more action not caught on film, like my brother's college graduation (congrats Andy!), a brunch with an organization I used to work for (hi Carol and Judy!), being there when my sister Molly got her UT Plan II Honors acceptance letter (still so happy for you), long walks with a bestie (thanks for getting my buns in gear, Lou), a visit to my brother's great new house (it's wondey, Linds and Chris), meeting my friend's new baby (Libby knows her Aunt Coco now!) and lots and lots of good talks with friends, sisters, brothers and parents.  Thank you all for such a wonderful homecoming welcome and visit. 

{This post took me too long to formulate.  I am rusty!  Glad to be back on your computer screen and in your life.}

(oh, how I missed you umlaut and scharfes S!)

Monday, December 6, 2010


gosh...already been here for a week. this was night one, which happened to be my 31st birthday.
i flew 11 hours, went through 85 customs lines, came up empty at the baggage claim, got picked for the random inspection (i think 1 out of every 50 people gets picked..and I didn't even have bags, you mutha beeps!) and sent to horrific room with one other confused guy and almost started crying i was so tired and so livid mad at lufthansa. (my bag ended up coming more than 48 hours later...ridic.)

mama bought me a new pair of shoes on the way back from the airport, borrowed some clothes from the sisters (thank goodness for 3 of those) and we had a little family celebration.



{aunt coco's back in service!}

I'm not gonna lie. I had jet lag issues for several days and was hating it, especially at night when it was time to see friends and I felt like I was gonna fall over on the table. 

And, I miss you blog world. And I miss my man and my pup back home. It's been a bit overwhelming this time. I've been gone for a year and half and I'm amazed at the amount of strip malls here. ha!

For those of you in Germany that offered your home in case of further delay, thank you! So nice to have friends in high (snowy) places! :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


at the Frankfurt airport because of a delay on my first flight and missing my connecting flight to Houston.

I'm feeling about the same as that guy up there.

Next flight to Houston: tomorrow. Frankfurt Inn, here I come. Room service and new release American movies...come to mama.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Business Before Pleasure*

Finishing up some designs before I head home tomorrow.  Hoping the non-stop snowfall doesn't interfere with my best not.
{opening the bathroom window for a *very brief* moment of fresh air...someone is dying to be smothering herself in that goodness}

{Laura's having giveaway for a personalized set of stationery that you might want to enter}


* I find blog designing quite pleasurable and may even have a little withdrawal while I'm home!

Catch ya on the other side!