Friday, July 20, 2012

1 More Month

Due date is August 20th, so today marks one month.
And, here it is.  The belly.  It looks even bigger in person. 
I'm hurtin'.  I have some pulled muscle on my inner thigh and it really hurts to walk, which is fun.   Sleeping is not the greatest, but not horrible...yet.  I wouldn't mind a week early arrival, but I'm guessing it could be more like a week late.

We started 'Preparing for Childbirth' classes this week (mostly to meet other expectant couples) and I was the only one to laugh during the video where the wife is in a compromising position and the husband is behind her (on her hospital bed on his knees) rubbing her back profusely and really just getting in the way.

A middle-aged guy at Home Depot asked if I was having a boy.  Because 'you're carrying high'.  Then his friend pointed to his gut and said "he's having a boy too".  He's the third person to ask that...nobody's guessed girl....maybe there's something to this 'the way you're carrying' business.

I found a book of baby/kid photos of Art his mom gave me when I was in Houston and I was glad because I wanted to see what he looked like as a babe.

He was cute.

Apparently he found a way to climb out of his crib at a really young age and they never found out how.
(He was a good rock climber later in life.  I was not.  I probably never even tried to scale those bars...just sat back with a bottle admiring my crib linens.)

As his hair grew, he got those wondey curls I love.

I was one of those babies that looks nothing like my adult self.
 Serious hair.  Serious chunk of a newborn.

I loved that doll and koala.

So, we'll see what Alexander has picked from the gene pool.

I am workin' on the nursery...and loving doing it.
A tiny little preview:

(and, it most likely won't be as good as my sister's so lower your expectations please.  danke.)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Emily's Nursery by Mama Erin

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know my sister, Erin, is a talented artist.  She decides she wants to do something or copy something cool she's seen...and well, there it is.  It doesn't happen quite like this for most of us layfolk.

I wanted to show you what a great nursery Erin created for Emily with her own special DIY touches.

Her best creation (tied with Emily?)?  Big brother Sam.

S O U R C E    L I S T  :

Abstract art by Erin inspired by Michelle Armas
( custom framing by husband :) )

Erin stencil-painted the white rug from Ikea...7 months pregnant 

"La vie est belle" print by Erin

Wire pendant light from West Elm
Throw from West Elm

Side table from Urban Outfitters

Turquoise lamp from Target

Baskets from Lantern Moon

Sheepskin rug from Ikea

Wingback rocker from Pottery Barn Kids
Elephant sheet & Crib skirt from Pottery Barn Kids Harper Bedding

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Showered in Houston

On my week-long visit here in Houston, the highlight and part of the reason for the visit was a baby shower hosted by my sisters and sister-in-law.

with two of my sisters and my mom. My sister, Erin, had to stay in Austin with 3-week old, Emily.

But we did make it up to Austin for the day earlier in the week to see her and baby Emily.
I think she felt most at home on my pregnant belly (besides in her mother's arms).

The house was orange, green and turquoised up.

Everything was so pretty and delicious.

How cute are the lanterns?

All my old friends I haven't seen in quite awhile all in one place!

 Mom with her besties.

Molly and cousin Mary.

and Aunt Mary (my Godmother) came in from Dallas.

Um, let's take a look at that belly.  No, I'm not due any day...I still have 5 weeks thank-you-very-much.  

Molly gave me a cute map from etsy marked with Alexander's roots for the nursery.

I felt so blessed and spoiled.  Thank you hostesses Amy (left) and Lindsay (right) for making my month!  And to all my friends and family for showering baby A and me with gifts and love.

Now off to fly back to Pittsburgh.  And start setting up shop (nursery)!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Emily

About to fly to Houston, but wanted to show off some pics of my beautiful new niece, Emily Elizabeth.  I'll see her in Austin on Friday!

 big brother's reaction to his new baby sister

And I will be picking up even more hand-me-down baby clothes for Alexander while I'm there, but I already have tons...enough to last his first six months.  Here's a sampling.  They are so damn cute and soft and they make me happy.

These are 40-year old handmade outfits from Art's family in Puerto Rico.  His cousin wore these.  The lace on some of the outfits and blankets is unbelievable...almost too pretty to wear.

Now time to see family and friends I haven't seen in over a year and a half!