Thursday, January 14, 2010


Did you think this was gonna be a post on the European Union? No way. It's an Elsie Update. You see, as her fur keeps growing and growing she's starting to get some curlage on top of her head.


She doesn't know or care. She just cares about her leaf that was interesting enough to carry around and chew like tobacco for an hour.

And when it gets really out of control...we call her Lyle.

Whoops. That makes her mad.

She prefers being compared to Lady.


juliette said...

twice now my husband has walked past my screen when Elsie's on and he goes, "wow, who's got THAT dog?" Sort of like when a guy sees a sports car and says, "wow, check out THOSE wheels!" he's a dog dork. I'm cat woman, what can I say? Elsie's swaying me to the Other Side though... =)

brookes said...

she's growing really fast. if she ever needs curly hair advice send her my way. i know a thing or two.

Erin said...

ahhh!!! i want to put bows around all her curls!

Cathy McConn said...

Oh, she looks so funny with that leaf hanging out of her mouth. It must taste good. And her hair really looks super cute with those curls. Watch out for all those "tramps" when you go walking!

Angela said...

She's adori (stole from you) but not as much as you are!!!!! I miss your daily cleverness in our boring work emails :) LOVE your doggie!

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