Friday, January 29, 2010

Quality Tapas Time with My Lady Friends and a Bit on Fashion

So I'll only mention it once more, but the weather yesterday was again freezing me up. As my American expat friend, Robin, so eloquently stated on facebook two days ago, "It's really cold here in Austria today. When I go outside, the part of my brain behind my forehead feels strange and almost numb-like."

A nice 20 minute walk with Elsie to the vet in 14 degrees (fahren.) had me cursing those bloody ticks (ooh, a pun)...the reason I will be taking her every 2 weeks for 8 weeks. (And paying a small fortune to keep those buggers at bay...Art and I need one too actually.)

I was perked to have a social obligation on tap for last night. It's been too long. People don't get out as much in this weather. I miss getting even semi dressed up. Cold weather can really put a damper on the fashion. Not that I'm normally a fashionista, but I've sunk to a pretty low level that consists of stretchy work-out pants with tights underneath, my black long underwear shirt that makes me look like a burglar when worn alone, with a big brown, fuzzy fleece, a pea coat (that might bust a seam in the back because I'm stuffing so much 'puff' into it) and my Russian hat. Sometimes with Uggs...a lot of times with my crusty running shoes.

Fashion goes out the window when warmth is a top priority. My spandex-like skinny jeans have been neglected for months as they become uncomfortable after walking around the block. Good purchase, huh? All this to say that it takes a tiny toll on your least mine.

In other fashion news, and I realize this is ridiculous..posting a picture of my husband getting dressed at his wardrobe in a measly button down shirt, but I got him to wear a pink shirt! And buy a pink shirt! I've been working on this for years. At the store this past weekend, I pointed out this thin-striped pink and white shirt (like I always point out the pinkies) and he just said "ok, get me a medium" and took it to the register. Just like that. Sometimes life surprises you with wonderment like this. And he's also wearing corduroys...another favey of mine.

He wouldn't, however, get the terri gray elf shoes. Man's got boundaries.

So, back on topic...last night I met up with the English Club for some tapas at a cute little Spanish place. My friend Anita joined us and will be joining the club! It has been forever since I've seen her and her girls. So nice to get girl time and have help translating a letter from the government. I have to do taxes? In German? Do they have Rosetta Stone Turben Taxen?

This is my new friend, Caroline:
(We miss you, Monika!)

(Don't even get me started on that 'bang' dangling on my face. No more Hair Hunter for me.)
Caroline is from the Netherlands, but has lived all over. She is a huge walker and is trying to recruit me to go on walks with her to Mariatrost, a suburb that takes even awhile to get to on the tram. A two hour excursion there and back...yes, in this weather. She's lots of fun, though, so I may have to do it. And maybe it will help my pastiness that has become ever apparent in this photo!

And, that's it for now folks. Have a good weekend.


Emily said...

Two reasons for posting:
1. I'm a British expat who moved to Austria 11 months ago and have really enjoyed reading about your experiences. I love your blog.
2. Fashionista tip. I can heartily recommend silk long johns and a long sleeved silk vest. You can wear these under jeans and tops and they are fabulously warm but you won't overheat indoors either. They don't spoil the look of your clothes and you don't have to look like the Michelin Man with 25 layers of clothing on. I have lived in mine for the entire winter.

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Carolyn and Caroline, I miss you too. Thank you for the picture and the comment:) That's really sweet. You look great! I'm glad to see that the two of you are hanging out together. Carolyn if you think about walking to Maria Trost (by the way goregous area) you couldn't find a better companion. Enjoy it and keep me posted girls. Warm HUGS, Monika

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the tip, Emily. That's great to know. Where in Austria are you living?

Emily said...

Hi, we are near Lofer which is about 45 km from Salzburg. It is beautiful!

magnétique said...

C'est magnifique...

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