Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Flea?

Well, I had grand plans to hit up the huge flea market I stumbled upon while taking a different route on a walk this week. They're only open Friday afternoons and the weekends, so I thought I'd take a gander today....


...which may not be possible.


One minute after I shot these, it poured...for 5 minutes. Then it completely stops, usually clears up gradually and we could quite possibly be seeing a gorgeous late afternoon complete with sun and blue skies. (and possibly some vintage Austrian items?)

I like it when the rain operates in this fashion....get it all out real quick and be done with it. Oooh..I already hear the birds a chirpin'....flea time fo' me!

{My life is so erratic and unpredictable...but I somehow manage.} :)

Have a good weekend.


Em said...

The rain her in the mountains is really funny. Nothing at all and then suddenly it is as if God has turned the tap - that is exactly what it sounds like!

melissa said...

I want to know what you find so please let us know ASAP. I got to have dinner with you Mom, Dad and Molly last night and heard all about their wonderful trip with you.

Julie said...

It was the same over here. Thankfully, the sun is shining this morning, so I won't be going crazy after all. Four rainy days, two little boys, lots of laundry, and a cat were making me a bit ga-ga :-).

Kim from Graz said...

Did you get to it? There's a few that I have been desperately trying to get to...but they all seem to have limited hours. Weekends these days are generally kid-filled, not *sigh* wandering- around-flea-markets-filled.

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