Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Soliloquy

Just have to say, Goopy GOOP is lucky this can be her bedtime at her from the man. (if they're still really together?)

I LOVE this of my faves of all time. I like a lot of their a lot of people do.

You know it's called "The Scientist". My husby's a scientist. A mad one at that. He's been finishing up code at night for the past two weeks for a project he's been working on for over a year. Whoa mother. A little blog design CSS code ain't got nothing on that stuff. I make sidebar titles prettier while my husband sits in the other room and predicts arterial growth and remodeling in the heart via a 4,000-line from scratch Fortran code. I feel oh so vain. But, everyone plays their part... whether it's with graphics or the heart. Ha...need to go to bed.

I'll be around this week. I got an email from my mom tonight:
"P.s. You need a new blog post. We are all waiting..."

Oh, well...I'll get right on it. By 'we' she means 'she'.

See you tomorrow!


Julie said...

I was waiting, too and we haven't even met in person :-)! Happy Monday.

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