Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Desperate Housewives of Graz


On Friday night, Art and I went out to meet up with my new little group of girlfriends (and their boyfriends and husbands).

From left to right: Mari, Justine and Monika.

Mari is from Estonia (just west of Russia and south of Finland). She is here with her boyfriend, who is from Austria and getting his PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Justine has American parents, was born in Spain, lived in Florida when she was younger, but has lived in Madrid most of her life. She is here with her boyfriend who is from Graz, getting his PhD in Physics.

Monika is here with her husband, an engineer at Chrysler. They are moving back to Detroit at the end of July. :(

So, NONE of us have jobs, and have all seemed to follow the science oriented men in our lives to Graz. Mari said she feels like a desperate housewife here...we could all relate. It makes me feel a little better to know that it's not just me that's having a hard time finding employment here. In fact, it's really hard for Mari and Monika because Austria doesn't recognize the newer eastern EU countries yet and they won't let them work until at least 2010! Maybe we could start our own show....



Amy said...

ok, this is the most hilarious post ever... i love it! you always make me laugh coco. glad to see a pic of your new friends!

Kimberly said...

That was so funny! Love it!!! It's good to have a posse.

erin said...

you are so damn funny!

Anonymous said...

I see I that in Graz I may not have a job, but I have a new set of boobs :) Monika

brookes said...

that was killer! you're so danged clever with the ol' computer.

Molly said...

yes. that's so awesome. it would be an austrian hit!

Lindsay said...

So good!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Ok, love this! I would be your best friend if you did this with my face in between Edward Cullen and Jacob from the Entertainment Weekly cover!!!! =) Yes, I am a married, mother of a 2 and a loser twi-hard!!!

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