Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogged Me a Friend...

Yesterday I went out to my friend's house 40 minutes outside of Graz. Took a long, scenic bus ride with a driver from hell. You'd be amazed at how fast they drive those huge Mercedes buses. They ain't messing around. We were flying through the curvy streets and hills and I thought I might barf it up.

Anyways, I met my new friend Anita through her blog. I did a search on blogspot for Graz blogs and found Anita's on home decor and saw that she had lived in Dallas for seven years. I thought...hmm...maybe this girl and I could be friends. I sent her an e-mail, we met for coffee one day and now I have me a new friend. She invited me to come out to the house to meet her three cute girls, hang out and swim.

Upon arrival I received a shot of schnapps, an hour later a homemade frappucino with homemade apple strudel and then an hour after that a margarita, chips and salsa. What a wondey hostess! I had so much fun playing with the girls in the pool and watching all of their acrobatics on the swings..."watch me", "no, watch me!"...reminded me of two other little girls I know.

This house is the house that Anita grew up in. Her parents still live here in their own 'part' of the house. They added on a lot more house about 3 years ago when they moved back from Dallas and had three new kids in tow. It's common for people to live with or near their parents in Austria. Her grandmother lives next door. At one point when we were in the pool, I realized there were four generations all together. Anita's grandmother, her mother, Anita and her three girls. It's nice how close-knit families are here.

The back of her pretty house in the country

Looking over the patio into the cornfields

and the pool that provides her girls with endless hours of playtime

The youngest, Eva, on her float.

Hannah and Stella posing for me.

She brought some of Texas back with her...she loved Dallas.

and here you can see all the pumpkins I saw on the bus ride back...a Styrian staple. Lots of yummy
pumpkinseed oil in these parts.


Amy said...

how beautiful! her view from her terrace is wonderful. now, if living with your parents were the norm here, we'd be in trouble... we'd have to have a HUGE house for all of us to fit in!!!

Cathy McConn said...

What an idyllic setting! And how appropriate that you saw a pumpkin patch when fall is just around the corner. Her girls are really cute, too! Nice to have a new friend with such a great hospitality, too. meems

brookes said...

i'm so glad you met a new friend! and sweet digs. her kids could be models.

melissa said...

I am so proud of you going and making new friends. I would probably be shopping and planting and doing yard work on someone else's yard. You are good girl!! Seems like a good friend to have.

Mom said...

Yeah...a blog list!! Looks like you had a fun are going to end up on Oprah with that story! Pretty cool...meeting through a blog :)

European Inspirations said...

You just met the most wonderful person and a hostess that can put Martha to shame.
Have a wonderful time in Europe and think of all of us who would like to be there.Janet

Erin said...

oh cokey, that is luscious, i mean succulent, i mean...really quite. i think that's worth the 40 minute death ride in the 'cedes bus.

glad you have a new friend ;) mees you.

Lindsey Lenig said...

whoa...lucky you!! i am catching up on your blog and Rita is here - she wants me to say hello to you. She thinks you look amazing and she thinks Arturo is quite wondey, as well. Sounds like this new friend is a keeper....but she can't become a bestie ;)

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