Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Makin' a list {and some ornaments}


Ok, I thought my list would be much longer of things I needed to snatch up when I'm back home in the States.  Just goes to show how we humans adapt.  It is, however, not possible for the human psyche to adapt to life without Target, chocolate chips or cheap makeup. 

My list really should read:


because that's what's most important.  (you think I've hammered home the 'mexican food' point enough?)

Yesterday, I was on a mission to find an ornament representative of Graz for my Mom's tree.  And for my sister who requested one as well.  You'd think it'd be easy...nein.  I even took the dang lift up to the Schloßberg to check out the tiny souvenir shop up there only to find out it's shut down at this time of year.  

You give me a mission like this, and I will accomplish it.  I searched Christmas markets, fancy schmancy Austrian decor stores, cheap, crapper stores, etc.  Yeah, lots of pretty ornaments, but nothing that really represents Graz or Austria.  Sorta shocking.  

My mom's tree has an ornament for each of our colleges (5 different ones for 6 different far)  We even have one that looks like our cockapoo, a big ole American flag one and Texas ones.  Anyways, Graz must be represented too.

I finally came across these cute little clocktower figurines in a small handmade shop.  I stood there for far too long pondering how I could make these into ornaments.  Could Art use his dremmel to drill a hole in this tiny trinket?  Then the shoplady and I discussed the matter and she gave me my solution.  She was thinking "for the love of America, lady, you better buy something after staring at my stash for hours."

So klein.  So süß.  Just what I was looking for.

Some gold ribbon and some mega super glue and 4 sticky fingers later:
Uhrturm Ornaments!

She only had four or I would have gotten more.  I know everyone wants a clocktower on their tree.  

The lucky recipients will be:
- Mom
- Amy
- Marilia
- ourselves

And, now I have ruined your little surprise.  Hope you like it.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! How I miss it so.


Rachel in Heidelberg said...

I think you should go into business! When are you off?? Did you see it´s set to snow lots where you are?

Monica said...

Wow, I love those!! Where did you get them? I might have to see if she can get some more.

Cat said...

those are precious! those little clock towers really look like they are supposed to be ornaments. someone just forgot to put the attachement on them. ;)

Cat said...

PS, I'm loving the Mark Twain quote on your sidebar, too.

Juliette said...

i love that you have Cetaphil on that list, me too! I started using some 'cleaning milk' product from DM (drogerie markt, not sure if you have those) and it's ok. I need a resupply on my Cetaphil but that stuff is dang heavy to bring back, isn't it? =P

Anonymous said...

I love the little clock towers:) Oh... Graz! When are you coming to the US? Please give me your phone number, so I can get a hold of you while you are on this side of the big Ocean. HAVE A NICE THANKSGIVING!!! Monika & Tom

Heather said...

Cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

oh fun! i am so excited about my graz souvey! we will miss you at the thanksgiving table tomorrow, but we will see you oh so soon! don't worry... i will be happy to take you to all the places on your list... and a few more. love you sherri!

Molly said...

How crafty of you, sis! That will look wonderful next to the cheerleader ornament! One week!!!!

Julie said...

So sweet! I never liked Target while living in the States, but now go crazy for it when I'm at home. How long will you be gone?? Please capture a (or more if you're feeling flirty with the camera) tex-mex moment so all of us (t)expats sin fajitas, tostadas, queso, and margaritas can drool...Viel Spass!!

Laur said...

Hi Carolyn, I'm the law student from Calgary in Graz for the semester. Where was that store that you found these in? These are incredibly adorable! I'd love to check back in hopes she's since got more in stock :) Cheers!

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