Friday, September 23, 2011

Color Kombi

Kombi is the german word/slang for combo and it's one of my faves...that and elbogen for elbow.  Art thinks he can speak German by adding -gen or -en to words, and I have to laugh because sometimes he accidentally gets it right.  "Oh, that is my favoriten" (wrong)  "Let's buy some Beeren" (he means beer, but he doesn't know he's asking for berries). 

When my sister was visiting and she learned that all G's in German are hard as in the word 'grapes', she thought she was being clever and goes "oh, so do they say "grr-men" (for German)...I said "no, they say Deutsch." Busted.

OK, onto silly, I've got sort of another fashion/designy post again for this lovely fallish Friday.

I like me a good color kombi.  One of my favorites for the fall is red and tan or coral and khaki or orange and taupe...all variations of this. 

That's all, y'all.  Happy fall.


molly b. said...

I neeeed pretty much everything in this post. I miss you, friend. Email catchup soon with some Beeren?

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

That red tank and tan skirt are gorgeous! I need that!

Molly said...

Love the top photo--def on my Pinterest board!

Julie said...

This post made me s.m.i.l.e!! Thanks for the much-needed day brightner.

Liz Mullins said...

Are the photo sources/credits listed anywhere to find origin of any of these items?

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