Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 I love my forsythia right outside our window.  I post a picture of it every year, I'm pretty sure.

It's all over town...

The forsythia and my ultimate fave, the pink magnolia saucer trees, are the first things to bloom in spring here:
 (last year's pic)

The nicer weather means a lot more walks (which are needed since I've abandoned the gym lately).  We like to go by this chicken coop and see our friends.

And the flower shops got some goodies goin' on:

I'm not neglecting my belly: 
(scotch is Art's.)

And yesterday this photo of my niece, Ana and newest nephew (and soon-to-be my baby's bud) Evan made me smile.  Can you believe I haven't squeezed those legs in person yet?  So terri!

And I've started to feel my little man in my tum.  I love it.  It's sorta subtle and I want him to punch me up harder, but I'm sure that's to come soon.  When I feel him, I want to take him out and love him up...but, I can't!  5 more months!  (dang, that's long)


Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Spring is so beautiful! :-) All you are missing are the bluebonnets! :-) (but we don't have all of the pretty buildings that y'all have! :-)

Unknown said...

Oh, your post is a delight! Your little niece and nephew are so adorable and your impatience is more then understandable. You are doing great, I am sure. You feed your little man until he is ready...
Spring is so wonderful, great pictures. I love the pink tree in front of this great old gray house!
Take care of yourself!
Sending my love!

Belle said...

Feeling them move around is amazing, isn't it? The five months will just zoom by. You'll see.

Juliette said...

Our forsythia is just starting to bloom here and I am LOVING it! We had so much at our wedding years ago b/c it's such a favorite in our house. =)

bedresttobabies said...

we have those same birds in Victoria- Guinea Hens - Charlotte loves them!

Cathy McConn said...

Love your forsythia. You might see that again if you move up north in the good ole USA. And glad you are feeling your little guy. Stay healthy and come home!

Niki said...

Beautiful forsythia, beautiful pink tree and beautiful children. I love Ana's smile. :-)

Lisa said...

I love Graz in spring! It seems like everything just started blooming overnight :)

Kim aus Kanada said...

Cecile and I jogged by that flower store today. Breathtaking! I think it's so funny that I recognize exactly where every single one of your photos was taken - well, except for the one of your extremely adorable niece and nephew. So cute!

correchica said...

Hey! I love this blog and looking at all your beautiful pics! I found you through pinterest... in particular, I found a long pink skirt that I think you have. I've fallen in love with it :) Any suggestions on where I could possibly find one for this summer? Thanks so much!

- a reader from Nashville!

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