Sunday, May 27, 2012


Receiving the lederhosen onesie I posted way back when I was first preg.  It's pretty dang cute!

So, my wonderful friends here threw me a surprise baby shower last week.  I thought I was going over to my friend's house early to help her out with a little Farewell BBQ we were having.
I walked in and my friends all greeted/surprised me. 

the delicious and pretty goodies

How many cookies is that now?  Save some for fatty.

Amber, Monica, Wendy and Katelyn

With Amber, my American counterpart

I must have said something hilarious.

All my girls.

Lee does crazy things.  I love it.

Later all the husbands came for the BBQ.  Here with Claire and sweet Tristan.

Blurred up with Monica and Andreas.
Art and Andreas work next to each other...Monica and I are besties.

With Katelyn and Joe...former Pittsburghers that very well may be our first visitors.

Kim (hostess with the mostess), me, Cecile and Lee

Thanks so much, girls!  It meant the world to me.  I will miss you all dearly!!!
Surely Pittsburgh doesn't have a Ratpack like this. :)


molly b. said...

How perfect! What nice friends you have, Carolyn. I've said it before, I'll say it again, so very happy for you. :)

Cathy McConn said...

You really have the nicest and best friends! And Amber is back. (or has she been there all along?) Their dessert trays are beautiful. Hope you aren't expecting that at your arrival in Pitt. You will be lucky to have peanut butter and jelly. Ha. Can't wait to see you soon. Give "your girls" my love and thanks for taking such good care of you! meets

Kim aus Kanada said...

Even PB&J is good when someone else makes it - and it's even better when it's your Mom! :-) So glad you enjoyed your shower Carolyn! You looked stunning in your dress! You know we're very reluctant to let you go back - although you ARE overdue for a visit. Just wish you had a return ticket back to us! Looking forward to seeing pics of little Alexander in his lederhosen! Cutie, cute, cute!!! Make sure when you're shopping for furniture for your new pad you buy a sofabed or extra bed for guests! 5 hour drive from Toronto! I'm coming!!! Or you'll just HAVE to meet me at the Outlet Mall for a weekend of shopping! ;-) xoxoxo

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