Monday, November 30, 2009

A Marvelous Thanksgiving Abroad

I would never have imagined we'd have it so good. Thanksgiving here in Graz with our new friends was just magnifeek!

Amber with her bird. {her photo from her blog}

Thanks mostly to Amber, who found a turkey, butchered it and managed to pull off six other delicious classic T-Day dishes with a twist. She and David also hosted the evening at their apartment complete with decor and enough serving dishes! No small feat for recent expat newlyweds. {They got married in August in the Rodin Sculpture Garden!} She has her own great recap of her Turkey Day trials and tribulations here.

So, here are some pics. I will say that conversation with this group is never dull. We always manage to get into heated political discussions after some a lot of vino. It always keeps it interesting, especially with the different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. I just kept trying to feed people more dessert. Brownies and apple pie are universally good to all taste buds.



Amber and David and Ania and Thomas (Sweden) listening to one of Bruce's many stories

cute Thomas and Ania

Our meal consisted of hors d'oeuvres of toast with goat cheese and caramelized onions, cranberry,
walnut & feta salad, baked bourbon sweet potatoes topped with candied pecans, romano garlic
mashed potatoes, chestnut/apple/sausage stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, gravy, turkey,
apple pie and warm brownies with ice cream.


I only made the salad (after the green bean debacle I nixed 'real' veggies) and the brownies.
Poking holes and filling them with ganache was my favey part:

So, needless to say...besides family (and maybe football) we weren't really lacking over
here across the pond this Thanksgiving. Dankbar is what we are.


Sneaker Teacher said...

Looks like a really great meal and what a pretty table. We just had out first Thanksgiving in Germany and didn't celebrate at all because we were both working on Thursday and didn't have any plans come together with friends. Maybe next year...

Love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pics!


gina marie said...

nice pictures.
i really love how warm everything looks.
I felt like i was there and i had wine and i have a good time .. hehe

the picture of amber and the turkey feet is Hilarious!!

Kimberly said...

Cracking myself up that I thought your other pictures were from Turkey Day when they were really Martha's! I was super impressed...but your pics are lovely too!YUM!

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