Sunday, March 28, 2010

I May Not Speak Their Language...

...but they speak my lingo, and they kinda do it better than me.

I cordially invite you to the first annual:
{that's 'multicultural' if you're not fluent in this speak}

I ran across this sign downtown tonight on my first outside jog of the year. How I have missed fresh air runs!


This gorgeous weather is the reason for my lack of posts lately. The flowers are starting to show up and eggs and bunnies abound in store windows.




New Girl in Town said...

OMG somebody actually said 'Eck' instead of 'Ecke' when I was asking for directions this morning & my friend calls her bike a 'Fadle' instead of a 'Fahrrad'! I could go to the Multi-Kulti ball but all my evening attire is in Germany *sigh*.

Kimberly said...

Happy Spring! We are feeling a nip in the fall air this week in the mornings. Pumpkins in the grocery stores. Sigh..weird.

Angela said...

about Multi Kulti: AWESOME!!
sometimes I find it difficult to read your blogs because it makes me jealous that Austria has you. GRRRRR!

Erin said...

multi kulti for cokey lokey. loving that.

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