Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jimmy Visits!


My brother, Jimmy, made a speed visit Sunday night through Monday afternoon while on his world travels. He had just finished skiing with buds in Mayrhofen, Austria and was on his way to London and then Geneva for work. We managed to fit two Austrian style meals in and a coffee morning. I also managed to take him around Graz yesterday morning (thankfully it's small) showing him a day in the life of big sister while we enjoyed the freezing, but sunny day.

Being only two years apart, JImmy and I did a lot of our growing up together. I think almost every one of my friends had a brother Jimmy's age, so even when I went to a friend's house or on a trip with a friend, brother Jimbo was usually there too. I acted annoyed sometimes, like a big sister's supposed to, but it was always fun. Since I'm on my old school photo kick, I'll show you what I mean...

we dressed alike

we took baths
um, there are TWO other siblings in this bath as well I have cropped out. One is far too old to be in there with us, k?

and I sometimes made him cry (and seemingly happily so)
{Bowl cut lasted many years}

We picked him up at the train station Sunday night and hopped on over to Der Steirer (a suggestion from my teacher, Marlies..thanks!). It was great...recommended to my Grazer readers. He met Elsie afterwards and was not left alone until we had to lock her in our room away from him. She whined for 30 minutes to go see him.


At one point he said "You know, I read your blog and talk to you about it, but I really appreciate it more now
after actually being here how hard it must be sometimes with the different language and culture." It was his
first time out of North America. Thanks, Jim, for feelin' us, dawg.

It was too short, but so fun to have my brutha with me, sipping on cappucinos and walking through the park. He says he'll come back next year for the skiing and to visit longer. Elsie's marked it on her calendar.


Bye Jeem!


Juliette said...

so glad you had family visit - even briefly! i LOVE when family comes - it's really so special. yay fam!

Molly said...

This was so cute! Makes me wanna come right now. But alas, I am sitting in 3rd period at crusty MHS.

Amy said...

Those old school pics are great. Wish I could come visit... someday!

Carolyn said...

Sorry, Ames, for chopping your head off in photo #1. You weren't wearing appropriate matching sailor outfit.

brookes said...

i can NOT believe y'all had matching outfits!!! that's so something my mom would do...and something i will do if this baby is a girl. our boys have no idea what they're in for.

Alison said...

Looks like we have more in common than just being 2 Houstonians living in Austria. I also have a younger brother who's 2 years younger than me. We were very close growing up and I was really glad to have him come for a visit last year. Of course I introduced him to Käsknöpfle while he was in town and nearly a year later he still talks about how good they were! That's one Austrian specialty I'd really miss if I ever returned to the USA.

BETH said...

The first picture of you with Jimmy looks just like your niece, Ceci!

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