Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Business Before Pleasure*

Finishing up some designs before I head home tomorrow.  Hoping the non-stop snowfall doesn't interfere with my best not.
{opening the bathroom window for a *very brief* moment of fresh air...someone is dying to be smothering herself in that goodness}

{Laura's having giveaway for a personalized set of stationery that you might want to enter}


* I find blog designing quite pleasurable and may even have a little withdrawal while I'm home!

Catch ya on the other side!


Julie said... the strung lights and turledoves you added to your header!!

Juliette said...

Have fun!! (is the snow bunny flying too?)

Amber said...

Adorable shot of Elsie in the window! Love the designs, too... and your holiday blog decor. So festive! Have fun at home. You will be missed here! (PS Thanks for the link in the previous post!)

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I just love your designs. And I love love love my blog design. But I should probably stay off of your blog- I love everything that you do! Ha.

Have a wonderful time home in Texas! xx- Brooke

Cat said...

That pic of your pup is adorable. Aw, mom, let her go out in the snow!!!! Just one last time before heading home. ;) I LOVE the new designs. Going to check them out now. It's ok....if you are having too many withdrawls while at home, you can certainly design me something. I won't mind at all! (wink wink)
xoxo, cat

brookes said...

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a safe flight (or, more appropriately, tell the pilot to fly safely)!! queso & shiner bock await you!

Unknown said...

What lovely design.
Have a safe flight home!

Take care and enjoy your family!


melissa said...

I saw your Mom today and she can't wait to get you tomorrow. See you Monday.

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