Monday, December 6, 2010


gosh...already been here for a week. this was night one, which happened to be my 31st birthday.
i flew 11 hours, went through 85 customs lines, came up empty at the baggage claim, got picked for the random inspection (i think 1 out of every 50 people gets picked..and I didn't even have bags, you mutha beeps!) and sent to horrific room with one other confused guy and almost started crying i was so tired and so livid mad at lufthansa. (my bag ended up coming more than 48 hours later...ridic.)

mama bought me a new pair of shoes on the way back from the airport, borrowed some clothes from the sisters (thank goodness for 3 of those) and we had a little family celebration.



{aunt coco's back in service!}

I'm not gonna lie. I had jet lag issues for several days and was hating it, especially at night when it was time to see friends and I felt like I was gonna fall over on the table. 

And, I miss you blog world. And I miss my man and my pup back home. It's been a bit overwhelming this time. I've been gone for a year and half and I'm amazed at the amount of strip malls here. ha!

For those of you in Germany that offered your home in case of further delay, thank you! So nice to have friends in high (snowy) places! :)


doris said...

Oh hey there - so glad to read your update and to see you're ok! I can imagine that you needed some days to adjust. Whenever I go somewhere by plane I always have the feeling that my mind and soul travel a lot slower than my body. And of course you've got your family here. But: the blog is universal, a true cosmopolitan! ;-) Have a "wondey" time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting. I was kind of worried about you. I know how you home, but away from home :) :( Hopefully, you will have a more pleasant trip back. I'll try to get a hold of you before you take off. HUGS, Monika

Unknown said...

OH, darling, I am so glad you made it to home country safely, although nasty delays....
And happy Birthday, belated, but from the heart! Have a wonderful time with your family!
I am certain you will be home in Graz for Christmas?

Kim IN said...

Wow! You look great. Exhaustion looks good on you!!! And your family is positively BEAMING! Hope you've settled in nicely now and are enjoying yourself! Don't you dare try driving! It's driving me nuts. Traffic is horrible and the drivers are even worse. But the produce section at the local grocery store is heavenly! Getting your fill of Mexican? Savour the rest of your time and bring back some good stuff! :-)

Amber said...

What's the burrito count?

Erin said...

Did you get a little package from me? Hope you're overdosing on Tex-Mex!

molly b. said...

Welcome Home! Hope you are more rested and able to make it thru dinner! I'm sure your man & pup miss you as well. Merry, Merry Christmas to you! xoxo

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