Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun stuff

Someone actually did this by folding pages...very strategically...not photoshop.

Love a good fruit Rubik's Cube.  Is that feta?  Wondey.

Cupcakes.  Hilarious.  My family would be p!ssed there's no Words with Friends.

Anything organized in a color array pleases my eyeballs.

Animal love gets me every time.

Just dang darling.

Shall I make my own vertical herb garden (with gutters) for the summer?


And my new word for the past 4 months has been "horrify" and I say dumb things like "that horrifies my life" or "oh, that is so horrifying to my soul" and I NEVER in a million years would have thought I'd see this in the Graz train station bookstore.
I felt like God was smiling down on me and giving me a nice laugh in recompense for the horrific weather we've had. 
The subtitle is "Wie Sie sich das Leben zur Hölle machen".
which means: "How you make your life a living hell".  

My life is complete.


Cat said...

did you buy that book? i would have. ;) loved this post.

Juliette said...

ha ha, that book cracks me up! what timing -and what a title, lol

are you on Pinterest too? find me! julietteR

tiffany said...

love the subtitle,
how you make your life a living hell. love it.
horrify is a word i never use.. funny word to "pick up" (O:

Kristen Kirsh said...

That made me bust out laughing Tiks....

Lindsey Lenig said...

Really liked this post too....enough to pull it up again and show Ben!! That book is classic CoCo lingo....hope you have it on your shelf now.

Molly said...

That is so rich. Love the cupcakes. You know I'd love me up a text message cupcake. The colored pencils are amazin' but would look like that for probably a total of 4 and a half minutes in my household. And... how much is that dress. The book--just lol.

Rachel in the White House in Heidelberg said...

Why would you want to horrify your life? Who buys, or rather writes a book like that? Have you still got snow? It's been so warm here, but Winter is set to return . . .
PS Random do you not have an EXPEDIT Ikea bookcase? How strong do you find the shelves?

Rachel from Pencil Shavings said...

Are you on Pinterest? We must be friends! Find me here:

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Such cool photos! I went to school in Vienna my junior year in college...German is a hard language but Austria is so beautiful.
Mary Ann

Julie said...

Loved all the colors. We are on our upteenth day of gray and your post did wonders!!

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