Thursday, February 10, 2011

Non-scrapper & calligrapher/painter

{this is only part of the stash. don't look at my boobies}

You think after two years it might be time to actually load all this crap I lugged to Austria (I only brought two suitcases and still brought this...I must have still been on a wedding high) into the nice scrapbook I bought?  Ugh.  Don't want to.  A box works just fine.  This schei├če has been sitting in the storage compartment of our couch for, oh, almost two years. 

It does bring back some memories (of glee and stress) to look at.  One time when I was on a train to Vienna, a girl about my age told me she thought Americans are obsessed with marriage.  I think she really meant weddings.  I think she was a bit correcto.  

My sister drew this map for my Save the Date and did all the calligraphy (for my invites too).  I colored it in on the computer. Is it not wondey to have a sis with a fine, steady and talented hand? 'Tis.

Look at this aboriginal painting she saw on a blog and then painted herself.

this is her inspiration:

and this is hers:

and this is an 'in progress' shot that gives you an idea of how big it is.
She's not only talented, but patient (sometimes).


Juliette said...

wow, yay sis! she's very talented!

and yeah, we're hitting 6yrs in May and still haven't filled the pretty scrapbook we have. At least it's all in the same box...

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

ummm. . . yes, my "wedding book" is not done yet. . . hmmm. . . maybe this summer! ;-)

Monika said...

That's why I always say, invest in the wedding package that includes an album. Before you know it, it's years later and you still don't have that album. Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone, but a good majority. Trust me, I'm married to a photographer!

molly b. said...

That's one amazing painting. Does she sell her stuff? She definitely should. 4 years later & my pretty book bound with monogrammed initials & raw silk still sits empty... I think I'm still sad I ended up without.a.single.picture. from my bachelorette party. Maybe that's why I'm in a funk with the book?

tiffany said...

love it.
want to have the talent to do it too.

Yvette said...

a-maaa-zing! love the invitation she is so talented!

Check out my blog and stay tuned to my daily updates!

Kristen said...

That map is gorgeous! I wish talent like that ran through my family! I smell a lucrative etsy business if that's something she's interested in!

S.E.Minegar said...

amazing artist! wow.

lovin' the lingerie card. ha.

Erin said...

Thank you, Carolyn. You are so lovey to post that and brag for me. It was fun when we could work on projects together like the map. I miss that.

bedresttobabies said...

I knew Erin was talented but holy moly!! That painting is ridiculous! Carolyn your blog designs are amazing, keep filling us in, love to see your work - miss you!

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