Monday, April 25, 2011

The Expat Inquiries: Kim in Australia

I'm doing a little series here on the blog where I'll ask some of my fellow expat friends questions about life in another country.  Of course, I find this interesting, but I hope you do too.  Surely you'd like other perspectives about life abroad other than mine.  :)

Next up is Kimberly, originally from Houston, Texas (yes, again), currently residing in Perth, Australia with her husband, Marc, and cutie daughter, Chloe.

 Kim is actually a long-time friend of my older sister's.  She moved to Australia around the same time we moved to Graz and my sister sent me her blog to follow...also as an example of what I needed to!  Yes, this all began the madness.  It's been so fun to keep up with each other through our blogs, especially since we are in such different places.  People often confuse Austria with Australia, so much so that they sell shirts here that say "NO Kangaroos in Austria".

Where do you live?
- I live in Perth, Western Australia

How long have you lived there? And is this your first home away from the States?
- We have lived here for 2 years and it is my first time away from the US.

Where are you originally from?
- Houston, Texas

What brought you to Perth?
- My hubby had an opportunity with his job on a big project in Perth.

What do you do for a living?
- I'm a domestic engineer

What are the people like?
- Laid back, friendly, with a no worries attitude
How long did it take until you felt mostly adjusted?
- Probably about 6 months

What were some of the hardest things/aspects to adjust to?
- Driving on the left side of the road, getting used to different brands and foods at the grocery store, lack of good service at restaurants

(Her first taste of Vegemite here.)

What are some things/aspects you don't miss back home?
- Horrid freeways and traffic, overconsuming 
What are your top three faves about your current city or country?
- Perth's amazing beaches, parks abound, a slower pace of life

Fave places you've traveled in Australia?
- Sydney, Broome, Margaret River wine region...hopefully more soon!  
 (Kim's blog causes much jealous during our winter months when I all is see is glorious sunny beach photos such as these...
Christmas in summer!)

  In what areas do you think moving abroad has helped you to grow?
- I think being away from home has made our little family tighter in that we rely on each other more, friendships are more intense because they become your family in a way, and you really know that you can do something so big and new that many people have never experienced.

I hear ya, mate!  Thanks so much for participating, Kim!  

And, of course, I must leave you with a good old-fashioned kangaroo (and Chloe!).


Amy said...

Love this series... especially since I know those lovely people!!!

Lindsey Lenig said...

I love this series too!!

Kim aus Kanada said...

I can see why people get Austria and Australia so confused - the people are very similar...laid-back, friendly with a no-worries attitude. Yep, that pretty much sums up Austrians right there! ;-) (Being naughty here! You know I love it here!!!) Cheekiness aside, I find it interesting that Kim in Austria would have very similar answers to many of your questions as Kim in Australia did (don't miss traffic/overconsuming, experience has brought family closer, like slower pace of life). Wasn't overconsuming or something similar a "don't miss" for your friend in England too? Looking forward to reading more interviews!

Anonymous said...

Love it !!! Tell me more :)

Kimberly said... fun! Our internet was down bc of our move for SO LONG and I am finally BACK! Thanks for including me!

DelC said...

Thanks for sharing your stories! I look forward in reading your stuff!

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