Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Good Easter

We had a very nice Easter this year at our friends' house a little bit outside of Graz.  Too bad we didn't get a pic of mom and dad, but their three daughters, Hannah, Stella and Eva are always down for some shots.

They requested that we bring Elsie and do a way better job of wearing her out than we ever do.
{Their family alone keeps the Graz Crocs store running.}

They filled us up with food, drinks and sweets.  The typical Austrian Easter cuisine is ham, sausages, spreads, kren (freshly grated horseradish), cheeses and other cold cuts similar to what you find at a Buschenschank.

And the flowers are coming out in staggered times, so we have a new one to enjoy every week or so. Right now, the lilac is busting out everywhere, and its smell and beauty is quite wondey when walking around.

These are some of my favey trees (Japanese Saucer Magnolia).  The petals fall all over the sidewalk and they are slippery...like pink banana peels, k.

And, that's all.  I hope you had a Frohe Ostern too.


Julie said...

Happy Easter to you, too!

Em said...

Happy Easter Carolyn.
Easter food is a bit weird in Austria - specifically the eggs. I spent Easter Sunday with some Austrian friends (with grown up children) and they were all SOOOO excited. They took the Easter food to church to be blessed - ham, cheese, bread, butter and most importantly boiled eggs dyed pretty colours.
Then we came back and had an Easter breakfast consisting of the holy food. We had to smash each others eggs and the winner was the one whose egg shell lasted without breaking. We all tucked into the boiled eggs and they were delicious - but they just can't beat big glitzy chocolate eggs with sweets inside like you get in the UK.
I can't imagine kids getting excited about boiled eggs... but they really do! You should have seen them in the church garden after Mass screaming and running around for the Easter egg hunt. The grown up kids just couldn't wait to get home to smash their eggs!!! Bizarre.
Emily (Brit expat in Salzburg)

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