Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Man's (and Woman's) Best Friend

Elsie turned 2 yesterday.  

I didn't realize that until today.  Whoops.  Sorry, Pumpy, we'll give you a pork rib cake next year.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know I'm an animal lover..and that I love my pups.  Art was hesitant about getting a dog, but know the rest of the story.  He loves this dog so damn much it's a bit sickening.

{This is his Elsie know how people make a face when they're concentrating or writing. Art has a face for holding Pumpy.}

Since we don't yet have our own child, she is currently filling that spot.  She's given us quite the child training in some areas...occasionally wakes us up in middle of the night whining to go outside(I've trained her to wake only Art up), constant interruptions, pumpy-proofing the house, and well, she can just be downright needy.

But, I come here not to complain of my pups, but to tell you a tale of how a dog makes life swell.

I read this article yesterday about slowing down, being mindful and not living in such a manic way.  I've noticed that since I've started reading blogs and working on the computer (and getting most of my info and even watching TV on the comp.), my attention span has suffered.  I'm so used to instant gratification and having 85 browsers open at once that anything normal in real life like waiting in line or listening to a babbler..I'm like, can I click 'Next' or minimize this person?  ha.  Terri.  

But, seriously, I know most of you check your e-mail constantly and if you're on Facebook and Twitter, then you have extra problems. It makes us all a little crazy and manic.  Scientific studies have shown that things like receiving a new e-mail increases your dopamine levels a bit, and so it really is like a mini crack addiction.  People browsing Pinterest are huge druggies just steps away from rehab.  I'm just saying.

Ok, so how am I relating this to a dog?  (off on a little tangent there)  I think one of the best qualities of pets (and I know children are this way) is that they have enthusiasm for the most mundane things. They are fun to watch.  And they aren't cyber at all.  Elsie actually shuts my laptop screen down with her paw sometimes.  She means business.
She also requires at least two walks a day and while Art and I are usually reluctant to jump up and take her, it ends up being our favorite time of day.  Many times we end up on an hour walk around the city (Graz is pretty small) and talking about things we wouldn't necessarily talk about if we were at home zoned into our computer or TV screens.  

We get sheer joy out of watching her jump into the Mur river to get a stick.  

Is that crazy?  Will we be psycho crazy parents?  Do people in the US go to parks to hang out anymore?  I know we don't in Houston.  I love walking through the park on the weekend here and seeing people scattered about playing badminton, frisbee, doing yoga, reading or mugging down.

Art and I often sit down in the grass here and mug down.  Not really.
So, moral of the story: having a dog adds years to your life and definitely life to your years.  On average, pet owners get more exercise too and dogs are good snugglers and are always right there licking your tears when you're sad. 

So, do yourself a favor.  Adopt a pet today. :)
(but read the warning label that comes with English Cockers.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, Wow!!! your pups looks like a one happy dog. She is so big and look at these ears. I love it. I've been thinking about getting one too, but I'm never home. I've just returned from Poland, and I'm planning on writing you an email. How are you?

Anonymous said...

How are you supposed to know who wrote that anonymous comment?....I'm so dizzy...sorry Monika from beautiful detroit

Shyla said...

Alles Gute Pumpy!! So Sous!

Lindsey Lenig said...

Happy bday Elsie!! Can't believe she is 2, and I haven't met her yet....Time for another visit I think!!

Monica said...

Oh, happy birthday to Elsie! And thanks for the life lesson reminders, pets are absolutely the anti-cyber solution to life's craziness.

Cat said...

I've always thought that doggy of yours was/is SO pretty....Happy Birthday! Love your posts and the things you get off on. Really, they are great. :)

melissa said...

Tell Elsie that Lucy wishes her a very Happy Birthday! You know dogs are the best they are there before kids during kids and they still love you after the kids are gone. So I agree with you if you don't have one go adopt because they are the best.


Molly said...

This made me so happy! Makes me miss Ty. And you. Skype/email your college sis soon.

kkp said...

just wanted to let you know- newly following via mr and mrs riglioso, via e tells tales. :) excited to read about your life in graz, as i live my new life as an expat in south india.

Erin said...

hmmm, convincing post, coco. sam may just get his 'pretty doggy' afterall. and the article about not going to gym ... i will heretofore skip the gym and play with crayons.

Unknown said...

You crack me up! Seriously. :)

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