Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Slowly Subsiding

Not much to report over here besides the fact that we're slowly melting.

Yes, I know it's hot other places, esp. back in Texas, but AC really helps and Austria ain't got none. Summer's not really my favorite.  It's too slow and everyone's either vacationing or back in their home country.  I like the action and routine that comes with fall.  Although the constant sunshine of the past several weeks has been nice, I'm ready to take on some crisp fall days and a light sweater or two.

I've been filling my days with design work, reading, walks with Art and Elsie (at night in the cool) and the mandatory once or thrice weekly get-togethers with friends.

Working from home has its obvious benefits, but it can be really isolating and all-consuming if you're not careful.  There's no clear distinction between work and rest/play, so you have to be diligent in making your own routine and schedule and stickin' to it. 

I do like the fact that I can meet the girls for a nice rooftop coffee in the afternoon:

Hadn't been to the new K&Ö rooftop café and I was quite loving it.

Cooled off with some pool volleyball at Shyla's:

Shyla's not messing around with pool time:

And, that's a wrap, folks.

Next weekend's a nice getaway to the wine region.  It best cool down!


Juliette said...

So nice that you have some kind of pool access!! I know what you mean about the heat and no AC, I've been living it up for these 2wks while I can and will be flying back to Germany this weekend and I'm dreading the no-AC aspect of my return.... =/

Cathy McConn said...

It was 109 here yesterday! Broke a record. Believe me, we share your misery.

KimausKanada said...

It best NOT cool down! I'm coming back and want it to be nice and sunny there! (OK, maybe it can cool down a night, for sleeping.) Wow! Can't beat that view on the K&O terrace. Where are you going in wine country? I want to take my sister-in-law there when we come. Could you please also email me the name of the hotel you stayed in Venice as we are going to go there overnight one night too? Want to plan a girls night out when I come back too. Will email you... :-)

Erin said...

yeah, it's sweltering here but we have a reprieve indoors. we went to the hot sauce festival this morning. 107 + hot sauce = gross. we didn't last long.

also, i kinda wish that last picture of shyla was a video.

Rachel @home in Heidelberg :) said...

the new K&Oe rooftop cafe?!! I'm there, next time . . . has been impossible here too until the weather broke at the weekend so now I can sleep again at night also looking forward to autumnal things like trees changing colour & making pumpkin soup!

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