Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Showered in Houston

On my week-long visit here in Houston, the highlight and part of the reason for the visit was a baby shower hosted by my sisters and sister-in-law.

with two of my sisters and my mom. My sister, Erin, had to stay in Austin with 3-week old, Emily.

But we did make it up to Austin for the day earlier in the week to see her and baby Emily.
I think she felt most at home on my pregnant belly (besides in her mother's arms).

The house was orange, green and turquoised up.

Everything was so pretty and delicious.

How cute are the lanterns?

All my old friends I haven't seen in quite awhile all in one place!

 Mom with her besties.

Molly and cousin Mary.

and Aunt Mary (my Godmother) came in from Dallas.

Um, let's take a look at that belly.  No, I'm not due any day...I still have 5 weeks thank-you-very-much.  

Molly gave me a cute map from etsy marked with Alexander's roots for the nursery.

I felt so blessed and spoiled.  Thank you hostesses Amy (left) and Lindsay (right) for making my month!  And to all my friends and family for showering baby A and me with gifts and love.

Now off to fly back to Pittsburgh.  And start setting up shop (nursery)!


Erin said...

Oh so much fun! I can't believe it's just five weeks. Well, probably six or seven if you're like the rest of us. Can't wait to see that baby boy and what I expect will be a head full of hair!

molly b. said...

5 weeks?! Didn't you just tell us you were pregnant? :)

What a lovely shower. You have such a beautiful family & group of friends. Love the map sister Molly got you. Baby A is so loved already!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!! Carolyn, you look great!!! It looks like you had an awesome shower... Can your family adopt me? They are so sweet and lovely. Hugs from Detroit, Monika

Monica said...

What a pretty shower- you're a lucky girl! Loved those lanterns, they were a perfect touch!

Kim aus Kanada said...

What a wonderful shower! Loved the decorations and the food looked very yummy too!

Only a week back in Texas? Bummer. So nice that your friends were all able to come visit AND shower you with gifts and well wishes for Baby A!

You're looking great! Loved the pic of Grace nestled on your tummy. First of all, how cute is she??!! Secondly, you looked so very content! And lastly, can't wait to see a similar shot with Alexander!

The next month will alternate between flying by and being the. longest. month. ever. Good luck with getting the nursery in order!


Kim aus Kanada said...

Hey! Just noticed your new blog title! Clear and to the point. :-)

Kim aus Kanada said...

Belatedly realized I called your new niece Grace. Ooops! Sorry! My cousin just had a baby named Grace so I guess I had the name on the brain. Emily is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!

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