Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alexander's Nursery

My new favorite place to be.

I love to decorate and have a side passion for interior design, but creating a room for your baby is extra special.  I guess it's part hormones and part me and part that I had to wait 7 months in Austria before we moved before I could do anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed this little project.

I wanted his nursery to be fun and colorful with lots of pieces that held special meaning to us. It also needed to be budget-friendly, so things were either DIYd, hand-me-downs, gifted or inexpensive.

There's quite a bit of Austria in here and also many things given to us especially for Alexander from friends and family near and far.  This little guy will know he's loved.  I sometimes come in here at night when my back hurts and sit in the glider and just relax and think.  I can't believe I will be holding him so soon.

Maybe if we write him more notes, he will come. :)

W H E R E    I T ' S    F R O M :
(in case curious minds would like to know)

Crib: Hand-me-down from Art's boss here. :)
(The color of the crib inspired the black chalkboard wall behind it.  I saw the photo below with a dresser the same wood color in front of a chalkboard wall and that was my inspiration.)

Giraffe photo: my sister actually found it and sent it to me.  The baby giraffe was born this past January at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay zoo.  I sent it to Shutterfly to be printed poster size.

Bunting flags: from my baby shower in Houston.

Shelves: Ikea Expedit

Mobile: etsy seller Martianique

Crib sheet: Amazon

Crib skirt: panels sewed by my mom with grosgrain ribbon trim

Blankets: Blue one crocheted for Alexander by a family friend and the 'bebe' one is a 40-year old family heirloom of Art's from Puerto Rico.

Alexanderplatz poster: a poster I saw and snagged at a coffeeshop in Graz back in April since it had Alexander's name and cute drawings of Graz landmarks on it.  It was for a local play there.  I colored it with markers to make it more fun.

'My Roots Lie Here' poster: gift from etsy from my sweet sister, Molly.

Curtain: originally our shower curtain from West Elm that I moved in here.

Glider: Wal-Mart

Monogrammed Pillow: etsy seller CalicoDaisy

Sheepskin rug: IkeaCopied my sister

Stool: hand-me-down from my awesome neighbor here who knew it makes nursing 100x more comfy

Dresser: Ikea with new pulls added.  Copied from here.

Book ledges: Ikea 

Koala: from Graz Australian friends, Lee and Andrew.

Lederhosen man: from Austria, natürlich!

Drawer full of clothes: almost ALL hand-me-downs minus a few gifts.


Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

So SO sweet! :-) Somehow Allison Powers and I figured out that we both knew you and I told her you designed my blog! :-) Love her and LOVE your nursery! :-)

Martianique said...

Thank you so much for featuring my mobile. The room is very heartfelt, comfy and stimulating. And smartly designed too. Love it! Lucky child!

♥ Martianique

Lindsey Lenig said...

Looks SO good!!

calicodaisy said...

The room is darling. So glad to be part of it! -- michele

Amy said...

It is perfect! It has your style and all the special touches. Can't wait to come hold little a while rocking him in the glider.

Carly Lee (C. Style Blog) said...

So, so sweet and colorful! I love it, you did such a great job.

Erin said...

Just perfect, so full of love. We are excited to come see the little man, I can't believe it's only days away until you get to meet him!

Unknown said...

WOW, WOW, WOW! Love every detail girl, you rocked this nursery. Can you come do mine one day please.......Can't wait to see the star of the show.

molly b. said...

Absolutely in love with Alexander's nursery! Looks collected and sweet and amazing. You will be such a good mama. And you are right, he is already one loved little man. xo

Cat said...

Oh my word! It is A.MAZ.ING. Love every little detail and the chalk wall. Pinning a lot of these pictures! :) Can't wait for that baby to get in your arms, too. You're gonna be a great mommmy.

Sarah said...

carolyn- this looks amaze! so happy for your little fam :)

Heather said...

This is so cute! I love it, and so will baby!
Good luck with everything! (New designer AND interior designer?)

Belle said...

I love it! Alexander is one lucky little boy!

Lauren said...

It's so beautiful!!! And fun and happy!! You will love being with your sweet little guy in here... so happy for you!! :)

Lauren said...

It's so beautiful!!! And fun and happy!! You will love being with your sweet little guy in here... so happy for you!! :)

Kristen said...

Am I crazy or did I see our "jungle" art project for Mrs. Golden's 6th grade art class up on a shelf??!! Totally vintage :)

Monica said...

Such a beautiful spaces with so many loving touches. Alex is a lucky guy. Can't wait to chat tomorrow! ;-)

Monica said...

Such a beautiful spaces with so many loving touches. Alex is a lucky guy. Can't wait to chat tomorrow! ;-)

Mdf skirting said...

Nice nursery room,so spacious and have lots of things to play off.Books when you read stories for your little children.

erin said...

looks so wonderful!! You made the space so perfect for your little guy. Can't wait to see a picture of him, I know you are anxious to meet him! Rest and relax....easier said than done :)

Unknown said...

Wow, I just love it. So fantastic. Found you through Lauren.

Wendy said...

Carolyn, this is absolutely fantastic! I'm so glad to see you guys are all settled in, and even better, Alexander has arrived! He's adorable. We're so happy for you both!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Oh my goodness! Alexander's nursery is just precious! I love every single detail! xo

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