Monday, November 29, 2010

Deck the Halls

The blog's got a little extra Christmas flair, and I tried to give our home some too...just a little before I head off to Houston.  I never want to spend or do a lot because we don't have the storage space nor will we want to move it with us when we go.  Found some cute wreaths at the local craft store and liked that I could use them every year (and that they were cheap):


Then nature cooperated this weekend and provided me with a wondey white backdrop!


{not sure how well you can see it, but we got about 5 - 6 inches of snow.} {my wreaths kinda look like dangling donuts in this pic.}

the pup LOVES snow.  We had to have a family outing.

A cute dad playing with his toddler daughter in the fresh snow.



Juliette said...

it has been snowing nonstop up here today - all morning and it's still coming down! so glad I don't have to go out today, ha!

Julie said...

Winter has finally arrived here, too! Just saw pics from Texan relatives the other day and they were wearing shorts!! Have fun in the US, Carolyn!

Cat said...

it is so beautiful there. and, love your decoratioins!

tiffany said...

the pictures you take of graz are so beautiful! thank you for sharing and enjoy your time home in houston!

Kimberly said...

Does it feel soooooo Christmasy?
I think I am going to put starfish on my beachy christmas tree...just sayin!

Upscale Furniture Resales said...

Looks magical with all that white, glittery snow. :)

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