Monday, November 15, 2010

An Office Outing

for Art and research friends is almost always a hike an hour or so outside of Graz.

Someone is kind and took pictures.

They had a glorious day.

And although he may look quite radiant here (literally), he comes back completely exhausted.  I guess 5 hours (and 17 km/10.5 miles) of hiking is a bit taxing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Where was that hike? It looks goregous. I miss you C. and I've been writing you an email for the past two weeks :), but it seems that I can't finish it ....I'm bad. Hugs, Monika

VictoriaArt said...

Looks so divine! The world is such a beautiful place!
xoxo Victoria

brookes said...

Heyyyyy!!! When are you going to be in Houston?

Amber said...

Das Grüne Herz! So schön! Been loving your portfolio of designs too. Keep those comin'!

Monica said...

Andreas was basically dead after this walk- asleep at 9:30!

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