Sunday, November 7, 2010

McCafé für mich

While Austria is teeming with delicious pastries, tarts and breads, they are seriously lacking in the cookie department. A chocolate chip cookie is an All-American treat. You can find Linzer Augen cookies here, you know these:


as they are native to Austria, but that ain't cutting it für mich. They're expensy too.

Something Europe does have, that I'm not sure we have in America (at least I know we don't have them in Texas), is McDonald's McCafé. Don't judge by the 'Mc' name. It's quite nice. Check out this chic Mickey D's café:


with Starbucks-like concoctions:


And, look what I found here:


You betcha. And, they are usually fresh out of the oven. Oh, they are good. Mama likes.

And, I like being able to satisfy my cookie need with just one (or two) warm, fresh ones.

Because, you know, when I bake anything myself at home like I did this weekend:


...well, it's not good. {Arranging a cookie pyramid for the photoshoot is kinda fun.} I ate two of these Oatmeal Creme Pies within an hour and I felt a bit sugar sick. Then I ate another. Yeah, so easy to pop...can't stop.

So, McCafé it is. Dankeschön. Wiedersehen.


Amber said...

Sing it sistah! I love the McCafé too. People might cry foul McEmpire, but seriously, it's good. Have you considered becoming a pastry supplier for them? Your cookies would have me sold...

Amber said...

AND they have free WiFi. All hail the golden arches.

Rachel in Heidelberg said...

Don't give up on the cooking! Cook in German, I learnt so much that way :p Is it really warm there still? I just bought a winter coat (finally) but doesn't look like I'll be needing it any time soon, just my wellies as it's been chucking it down - I came to Europe to get away from that kind of weather thank you!

Merisi said...

Reading that Austrians "are seriously lacking in the cookie department" made me laugh out loud! Seriously. *giggles* Have you by any chance seen the latest issue of "Nachlese" (that's the magazine published by the ORF)? The current issue has a special cookie issue enclosed, you should buy it. ;-)

That said, I love my American cookies (cookie monsters by Austrian size standards!) just as much as you do! And McCafé too, the best coffee along Austria's autobahn, in my experience. Here in Vienna they are selling now imported French macarons (my sources tell me they are produced by the French "Paul" bakery chain) and they serve coffee the Viennese way, with a glass of water.

I hope you discover the one or other good Austrian cookie, now that Christmas is around the corner (help!). ;-)

(Have not made it to Graz yet!)

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