Monday, November 1, 2010

Interior Inspiration

When Kristen came to me for a blog design for her family's furniture shop, I thought "ooh..interior design + blog design = fun time".

And, luckily, Kristen was loving the idea of a striped fabric upholstered Louis XVI style chair as well. My kind of girl.


{Lonny Magazine}

{Cottage Living?}

{House Beautiful}

And, when designing Kate's Cocktails & Cupcakes, I used interior design for some inspiration as well...this time for the color palette:

{Amanda Nisbet Design as seen in Traditional Home}


Mixing my two loves is quite nice. It's been really nice getting to work with all these like-minded girls too. It's actually a little sad when our daily e-mails come to an end after the design is done.


urbanistaweddings said...

Hi Carolyn,

I love your blog and have been trying to figure out a way to contact you! I use a mac so I am having a difficult time emailing you from your link. Wonderful, so I thought Id comment you.

I am interested in having you redesign my blog. Please email me: (if you have time)

Thank you!

Amber said...

These are fantastic. Love your use of cross-disciplinary design!

Kristen said...

Carolyn, I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous blog design you created for me and my family's business! I'm in complete awe of how effortlessly you blended the different elements and images I needed incorporated (the store website, business cards, signs, etc) and crafted the most stunning landscape for our new business blog! You completely exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful I got to work with you! You're incredibly talented, sharp and seemed to have the ability to know exactly what I wanted. :) I had such so much fun working with you that I'm sad the project is complete! I'm directing anyone I know needing a blog design straight to you! Thanks for everything Carolyn!!!

Living It At Home said...

Guten Tag!
I love your designs! I especially love stripes so all of your images had me swooning! Wow, I read how you moved to Austria and that is amazing! Never been anywhere over there! You are an adorable couple too! I am so glad I stopped by!
My daughter is taking German in school so....Auf Wiedersehen!


Cocktails and Cupcakes said...

I love, love, love, love, love the blog design you created for me. You were so wonderful to work with and I feel as if we have known each other forever. Maybe it is due to the fact that as we get to know each other better we find out how many people we both know. Don't worry...the emails won't come to halt anytime soon! ;)
Thanks again for such a wonderful job. I think I might have to order the plates now since they were part of the inspiration. Good thing they have a sale going on now!

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