Sunday, February 21, 2010

C'est magnifique : Le Macaron

I've seen these mentioned several times now in the blogworld.
{from here}

Not to be confused with a measly macaroon (a coconut cookie), these are french macarons.

The place to get them is the famous Parisian pâtisserie Ladurée...this is an assertion of your social status. Very snobby. Let's go!

"Parisian women like to make social statements through their purchases (clothes, travel destinations, florist…).

The Macaron Ladurée clearly serves this purpose. But it also allows Parisian women to treat with ill-repressed brutality their weird relationship to sugar: offering Macarons Ladurée to friends will allow the Parisian woman to taste them and therefore to look like she doesn’t have a problem with sugar (note that her attention will be focused all night-through on the moment she can indulge in the macarons she brought).

On top of this, le Macaron Ladurée is a perverse weapon for Parisian women. Bringing Macarons to a party will force other women to have at least one. And therefore to gain weight. So not only does the Parisian woman feel better about herself, but she can rejoice for her friends will also gain weight and she doesn’t look like the only fat one at the end of the evening." -source

So, all this to say: Mom and Molly (or Erin and Jason)...pick me some up on your way here. (And have some too, so I'm not the only fatty.) I particularly want to try the caramel and the dark chocolate and a pink one. I'll keep the box too, k?


{from here}



Jennifer said...

I love these things! I discovered the French Macaron last year when a fabulous little cafe called Macaron Cafe (obvi) opened up near my work. It was a beacon of culture among the sea of nauseating tourist traps that is the Herald Square area of NYC. Here's their site:

And if that weren't enough, the adorable eccentric French owner would be there taking our orders in his fabulous accent wearing a top hat.

Thanks for making me salivate :)

Kimberly said...

To. Die. For.
They have them here in some french bakeries. Yum. About $3 each. Worth it.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! We actually had some decorating our wedding cake, which was a complete surprise. We had just picked one of two menu options and figured we'd be having some traditional french dessert. Turns out, they made us a full-on wedding cake, complete with little plastic bride and groom topper AND some excellent (bright red) macarons. I had no idea we were so stylish! :)

gina marie said...

im not crazy about them BUT they are so prettyyyyyyyyy =)

these are gorgeous , did you take these photos?

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