Friday, February 12, 2010

Pinings of a Poikilotherm

poikilotherm: noun : an organism that cannot regulate its body temperature except by behavioral means such as basking or burrowing.

I think the reason this cold seems to affect me more than Art is that his whole body stays warm despite the dropping temperatures. Why is it that when we went walking to the grocery store this week, when I took off my gloves and felt his hands (which were sans gloves the entire time), mine were FROZEN and his were still WARM?! This (pardon my french) pisses me off! No wonder you think your jacket is just better than mine. You probably don't even need a jacket! I could wear 40 layers and still my blood would be dangerously close to freezing where you...YOU...could play for the 'skins' and be all nice and cozy and actually emitting heat. No wonder you eat a whole bag of butter bread croissants for a SNACK before dinner and still stay slim.

Back to the topic at hand. Yes, at first you think this is pretty. A white, snowy wonderland.
{Photo taken yesterday by Art}

But, you know what I see now when I look at it?

Mud, mucus, bleeding knuckles, gray skies, gray moods and more pain in taking Boris out. (Also, I notice that
we have a Leaning Tree of Pisa here.)

I'd like to be on a lounge chair directly in the sun (no umbrella) with a nice pedicure right here. And I'd bring my Uggs and North Face just so I could launch them into the bright, blue sea and watch them drown.
{Photo not by Art yesterday}
You know this isn't that far away. It's Dubrovnik, Croatia. I think we should book a trip for May NOW.


Juliette said...

oh, i just posted on ways i'm trying to deal with this. I can tell you 2 things that will help you burn your eyes out and triple check your bank account to see what's in there:
the travel section at Tschibo, which has decent stuff, even last minutes:
and the last minute section on TravelScout:

I spend way too much time on these sites drooling and dreaming and having to be told again and again by my husband that we have no money for that right now. sniff. not if i want to go anywhere this summer. sniff. I'm with you girl!

Rachel in GRAZ! said...

ah I know what you mean I nearly DIED after spending two hours watching the Mardi Gras parade today & not having anything to eat except for a single Krapfen at 3pm! The ORF Weather man said it was getting warmer & going to be up to 6 degrees by Friday or something. The BBC on the other hand say we're going to get heavy snow. I think I'm going to err on the side of caution & continue to wear half my wardrobe until I can get somewhere a little sunnier!

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