Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vorsicht: Dachlawine!

means "Watch Out: Roof Avalanche" and it's been a bit of a problem here in Graz with all the melting snow and ice.

Elsie and I will be chilling in the with my coffee, her with her bone and all of the sudden we hear this huge crash/thud sound and it sends her into a frenzy. Just another couple tons of ice/snow falling 40 feet.
It's pretty dangerous as most sidewalks are right beneath these lurking snow bombs. They place long sticks against the buildings to remind you to walk away from the building (as you can see these smart people are doing in the photo above). This is nice and all, but it makes walking the dog extra cumbersome. She will go under the stick, I say "Elsie, come this way", she runs back, but around the stick this time and, well, you have the whole thing crashing down. And they're not light.

Art and I have seen more than three cars with windshields completely shattered, glass in the seats as well. Two people have been seriously injured in this area and firemen were called out over 50 times this weekend to come remove some of the chunks. I know this is probably second nature to some, but being from Houston this is a new fear added to daily life for me. Great. No, Carolyn didn't die from overdose of German and sausage wurst fat, but from a big plunk of snow. She said that snow was gonna be the death of her and she was right.

Art pointed out the huge chunk of ice dangling over my head 35 feet where I would stand while Elsie was going potty.

If you want to see the mutha of all of this youtube video. Fast forward to 0:35. These guys are lovin' it. (Yesterday in class, I said "oh, I'm lovin' that" to something and the guy from Kosovo next to me goes "McDonalds! I'm lovin' it!". McDonalds' catchy jingles know no bounds.)

{none of these are my pictures, but too lazy to source them, k?}


Anonymous said...

I thought those signs were so funny at first... until I saw an actual avalanche. It is terrifying! You could actually die. David and I saw one destroy a car yesterday, too: a pretty black BMW that got mauled. I have been avoiding sidewalks like my life depends upon it, which it very well might! You and Boris be careful.

doris said...

I was in Graz yesterday and was very relieved when I got back to the car and everything was still the way I left it three hours before. And this relatively warm weather gives me a headache. Still, I really hope we won't get any more snow this year. Oh, by the way: Viel Erfolg für deinen Deutschkurs, Carolyn!

Rachel in Graz revising manically said...

I narrowly avoided being hit this morning near Franz-Josef Platz, like 50 yrds ahead of me a big chunk fell onto the EDGE of the pavement so you're not safe even there. After that I walked in the ROAD even though this meant I nearly got hit by a cyclist :p

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